The Broken Girl

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My story is about how to tell people how you feel about things and not break down and stand up for yourself and never give up

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Chapter 1

There was this beautiful girl name Zariyha she was only 13 and wasn’t happy one day she went to school to talk to her teacher Zariyha always had a hard time focusing on school and her grades wasn’t good she had a friend name tamiya they been friends sense they where little tamiya tried to help Zariyha but it didn’t work Zariyha went home after school and found out her aunt wasn’t feeling good and was in the hospital.Zariyha ran upstairs and laid down and started crying Zariyha would not talk to nobody but her mom Zariyha wouldn’t come out her room for anything but the night passed and the next morning hit,Zariyha woke up and got ready for school after she got ready she went to the bus stop and remembered she forgot to do her homework when Namiya finally made it to school she decides to do her homework before class starts Zariyha is sitting there trying to focus and a new student comes in her name is Bella,Bella was always a straight a’s student at her old school

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