NOSEDIVE, private roleplay.

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A private roleplay book filled with storylines and lots of characters.

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Hello everyone!──── this book is mainly about various roleplay ideas that I have, as well as the characters surrounding them. each new chapter is a new plotline with a set of characters that will be mentioned, and all you do is ask if you can roleplay, and we’ll be on our way!

but, there are some rules.

I | your replies in this should be around 5+ sentences because this is a semi-literate roleplay. and if you proceed to write less than that, or give me a one-liner, you will be ignored. I’ve done it before and I can do it again.

II| I am usually online a lot, so replies from me will come in from some time to another. also, I live an area where the timezone is EST, so it might become a little tricky for people who live in other timezones that are set far ahead or far behind.

III | if I haven’t replied to you over the course of twenty-four hours, please tag me. but don’t overdo it.

IV | cursing is allowed, but please censor it. ( e.g. ⁀➷ f*ck ). though smut is not allowed at all in this book, because many of my characters are minors, and I don't want to do smut.

V | please have respect for me and other roleplayers, you’ll be yelled at by me [ :D ] and blocked if you do not do so. in addition, make sure to ask [ e.g. ⁀➷ may i -- ? ] before wanting to start a roleplay.

And that's all.

Happy roleplaying!

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