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Yeron High School opens it's gates after a fun filled summer. In This Year we meet 6 S.S.S 2 students who are excited to see what this year has in store for them. With love, deceit, friendship, betrayal, hatred etc. flowing around this book, we would be able to see how their friendships, trust and bond for each other would be tested. All this is happening in the book: This Year. I don't own any pictures on the cover, I don't take credit for them.

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Chapter 1

“Kara where’s your sister?” My mum asked, we were having dinner at the dining table, it was only the two of us.

“I don’t know, most likely in her room” I said

“KASI!” My mum yelled

“Yes mummy!” Kasi responded

“What are you doing upstairs?” My mum yelled

“Come downstairs!” She yelled after not getting a response.

After hearing footsteps she appeared dressed in a neon green short and an oversized grey shirt, MY SHIRT.

“Yes mummy?” She said putting her face in that weird way no one likes.

“It’s dinnertime what are you doing upstairs” My mum asked

“Mummy I’m tired” she said

“So you want to sleep?” My mum asked and she nodded

“I don’t want to hear you coming downstairs looking for food in the night o!” My mum motioned for her to go upstairs.

She immediately went upstairs and with the smile on her face I knew she wasn’t going to sleep.

“When you’re done wash the plates and clean up” My mum said getting up and leaving


I turned off the lights in the kitchen and headed upstairs as I walked through Kasi’s room I could hear her giggling .

“This is how you sleep right?” I barged into her room.

“Can’t you knock?” She asked annoying as she whispered ‘I’ll call you back later’ into her phone

“That’s Victor right?” I hissed

“Get out!” She shouted

“Relax, where’s my shirt?”

“Which shirt?” She asked making that disgusting face.

“The shirt you wore downstairs” I retorted

“Oh” she got up and picked it from a basket “Take it” she hissed

“Mummy is pissed at you” I said

“Did she say anything?” She kept her eyes on her phone screen

“No, go to bed” I said and left

Oh God my annoying twin sister Kasi, it’s a matter of time before we both kill each other.

I’m Karaluchukwu (meaning, let’s leave it for God) Joelle Aguta, Kara for short. I’m twins with Chimkasimma(meaning, my God is the best) Chantal Aguta, Kasi for short. We are unidentical twins, I don’t see any resemblance between the both of us, some say we have the same eyes or the same nose but looking in the mirror we don’t.

I’m the older twin but Kasi looks older, the only reason why this is so is because Kasi has more boobs and ass than me, also because she’s taller.

My mum’s not a single mum, my dad relocated to Abuja because he was transferred there. I’ve gotten used to not seeing him, I’m sure we all have.

Victor is Kasi’s ‘boyfriend’, I don’t really talk to him at school, only if I need to know where Kasi is.

I jumped on my bed and stared at the ceiling, I couldn’t sleep, more because of Kasi’s squealing and giggling from her room. I groaned and got up from my bed “Shut up!′ I knocked heavily on her door as she flashed me the middle finger. I went downstairs and started a movie on Netflix.

Half way into the movie I could hear footsteps, at first I thought they were my mum’s but they were too faint.

“I thought you weren’t hungry” I said

“Shh stop shouting mummy would hear you” she whispered opening the fridge

“I wasn’t shouting” I said

“Your voice is extraordinarily loud” She said bringing out a loaf of bread.

I turned off the television as I didn’t feel the urge to finish the movie and went upstairs to my room.

I removed my phone from the charging port and opened Whatsapp. There wasn’t really much to chat about today, everyone was talking about the same thing. Today’s a Friday, I go to a boarding school and Sunday is the day for resumption.

I clicked on a group chat and everyone was saying the same thing.

Inem: I don’t want to go back to school

Elissa: I’m not done with the assignments

Miguel: Inem are you done with Math?

Inem: Even if I am I’m not sending answers

Jade: I’m not done packing

Kelechi: I think I have malaria, I don’t want to go to school with malaria

Sister: I’m just having dinner

Kara: Kasi eat your dinner in peace

I left the conversation before I and Kasi would get into an argument.

I went to my status and typed: Who wants to chat about anything rather than school?

Jade: 😂😂😂😂

Kara: Go and pack your bags

Jade: I’m lazy

Jade: Are you excited for this coming year?

Kara: I don’t know, I just want it to come and go very fast

Jade: I heard someone say there’s going to be a new student

Kara: I don’t care

Jade: I hope it’s a boy

Kara: Ugh you like boys too much

Kara: I’m going offline byeeee.

Am I the only one that adds extra letters to a word so as to not seem rude? I’m sure I’m not alone. I took a shower and got into my pajamas. I plugged in my earpods and shuffled my peace playlist and drifted to sleep.

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