Escaped from the Underworld

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What do you feel if you knew that the Princes of Hell are your guardian since childhood? Jurie found herself mysterious after countless loopholes and faze memories. She obtain a very eccentric angel who calls himself as Isaac but instead of making her comfortable, the angel show his stubborness, bragging about his existence and mightiness that makes Jurie's life more problematic. One day, the angel Isaac met one Prince of Hell and discusses his intention to the angel. The Pandora's Core. It was all histories and mystery until Isaac knew that it is his human who possess such necklace. Now, she have to collect all the demon brothers, make a pact with them and regain her memory. In twist of events, they thought the necklace has only six circles to be occupied by the six Princes of Hell and Isaac not just the only Angel there is. But turns out, it was seven. Who is the seventh Prince of Hell would be? And how did he turns out to be one?

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Escaped from the Underworld

Trumpets blows majestically that signs for the event in the highest heaven is about to start. The tall golden door of the court opens, doves flies from outside as they landed to every angel's arm comfortably. The red carpet in the middle was dazzling. The pure white dresses of the angels, their golden halos are shining as three powerful angels began walking to the red carpet.

Distant singing from the high and beautiful voices of the Seraphim echoes and draws every other angels to sang with them. Seraphim are angels with six wings, two for flying, the other pair for covering their faces, then their feet. They were all known as the highest choir of the angelic hierarchy, and caretakers of the God's throne. Singing holy all day, every day. Followed by the Cherubim. They are animal human hybrid, the mythical beasts of the Heaven. They are warriors and fearless angels of God. Lastly, are the Ophanim or the wheels. Ophanim are pair of interlocking gold wheels with eyes around the outside and they hover and float in the sky. They were meant to carry God's throne making them some of the holiest and certainly the strangest beings.

The angels' spirits lifted as a shining man at their front appeared. Smiles plastered on their faces, their eyes shone in excitement and exhilaration and their emotions are overwhelming. Every angels felt fear, happiness, and undeserving of the gracefulness and kindness of The God. Their knees kisses the floor, hands clasped between their chest and heads hanging low to give pray and respect and love as the Lord of Heaven appears before them.

A holy scroll hover to the air on God's level as the singing of the Seraphim lowers. The God called a name, one of his angel's namely "Isaac."

Isaac belongs to the Ninth and Last Hierarchy of Angels, he is known as the kindest, beautiful and most obedient. He flaps his big white wings and continued kneeling to the God's front. He knew he will be casted once again to the Land of the Living, and just the idea of him being chosen among millions of angels present today makes him fluster in joy and blessing. His cheeks elevated by the smile plastering on his lips uncontrollably. Isaac has one goal set on his mind, to become the favorite son and be as well as one of the powerful angel ever stood God's side. He is getting a feeling that he will be chosen since God calls for him everytime there is an important mission like what he is being called for today.

The Heaven will always be sadden and pray for every angels who went down to the Land of the Living. Waiting and hoping for their safe return with finished business as what happened to Jophiel, the angel of Beauty and Enlightenment, became lesson to every angels. But at the same time is unworried for The God will always make His angels free from danger. The humans must know that the heaven throws party in the heaven every one sinner repent from their sins. It was the most grand party always thrown as your repent is valuable to every Angels and God himself. You are a missing coin that God will never replace and will never let go until He finds you even you are hidden at the deepest corners away from Him.

Luke 15:8-10

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