The Pathway to Successful Parenting Vol. 1

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<p>Time and times over, one of the hassles of daily living for adults is Parenting. The average nuclear family has been a small but a major unit established to combat the vices that have plagued the world from time immemorial till date.&nbsp;<br></p><p>Parents have 80% of the responsibilities of raising kids into responsible adults on their shoulders, but these KIDS are just a THORN in the flesh. They go against the wishes and dictates of parents. There are a lot of hurdles to be crossed out there. Pornography is just a click away. Peer pressure gropes kids day in day out. Cybercrimes are on the high rise alongside rape, prejudice and racism stand in the way of parents making an impact on kids. <br></p><p>Another major obstacle which has posed a stumbling block to successful parenting also is rooted in the fragments of the past of parents themselves.&nbsp;<br></p><p>Research and day-to-day experiences have uncovered the fact that parents find parenting DISTRESSING basically because of the need to be in control of the HEM of AFFAIRS of kids but fail to realise that kids to have have their mind and it works perfectly but often times INVERSELY to that of the adult.<br></p><p>The&nbsp; Pathway to Successful Parenting vol. 1 is a book that has been written and infused with loads of TITILLATING STORIES, EXPERIENCES, EVENTS and UP TO DATE RESEARCH to achieve just ONE PURPOSE.&nbsp;</p

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Teaching parents obligation, Teaching children responsibility


Text copyright © 2020 Tolulope Williams

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This book is dedicated to the Almighty God for the inspiration, wisdom and guidance and provision of good health and a sound mind to make the book a reality.

And also to my parents, anticipating parents, and other parents out there I also dedicate this book. Without your existence and the tendency to be strong for the kids out there and also breed responsible adults, the inspiration for this book won’t be needed.

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