Sweet as sugar

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Chpt 1

Just breathe Cassidy.

I gulp down the seemingly lead ball that's formed at the back of my throat.

I walk down the hallway and spot a girl that looks about my age.

She appears to be on her phone but she's not paying attention to what's on the screen.

"Excuse me."

She turns around and she has to be one of the most stunning girls ive ever seen.

Her tan complexion,Bright blue eyes, Jet black hair and her perfectly applied makeup.


"Are you new here?"

I nod as a reply not wanting to actually talk.


I nod again.

"I'll show you around"

"I'm Chloe by the way"

She holds out her hand and I shake it.

"I'm Cassidy"

"Nice to meet you Cassidy"


"I shall call you Cassy"

I look down at my feet and gulp back the lead lump again.

"Leave her alone can't you see that she's uncomfortable"

I look up and for the first time notice the two boys at the opposite side of the corridor.

One is tall with the same complexion as Chloe except he has brown eyes.

The other boys is shorter with Pastel pink hair and a hot pink strip in the front, he has a pale complexion with blue green eyes.

"Sorry about that Cassidy"

It's alright the nickname Cassy just brings back bad memories.




I'm pulled away from my thoughts and notice that the boy with pink hair has collapsed and is on the floor.

Chloe runs off to find help.

"What happened?"


I gulp again.


I do the only thing I can think of.

My eyes change from their usual blue to a bright white and within a second Chloe is back talking to me and the pink haired guy is Standing and talking excitedly again.

The other guy that I assume is related to Chloe is staring me dead in the eye.


The pink haired guy turns his attention to Chloe.

His name must be Milo.

Chloe points at The other boy who is still staring at me.


The other guy turns his attention back to Milo who practically just screamed in his ear.

"I don't even know her name"

Chloe places her hands on her hips the definition of confident.

"Shut up Eoghan"

The other guys name is Eoghan then.

"Anyway you were staring at her can you blame us for shipping you two"

My cheeks seem to be set alight burning a deep red.

I bite my nail nervously wanting nothing more then to run away front this situation.

"Whats your name?"

I'm about the answer but Chloe cuts me off.

"Your future wife"

The mortification is too much I use my powers to freeze time.

Chloe and Milo are as still as stone but Eoghan is just looking at me in shock.

"Did you just?"

Think Cassidy.


Your eyes turned red and I didn't want them to notice.


You stupid bitch.

Eoghan quickly glances away then thanks me.

"Thanks I guess"

Maybe I didn't blow it after all.

"I'm Eoghan what's your name?"

"Im Cassidy"

Feeling oddly comfortable in his company I lift up my head and straighten my posture.

Is she your sister.

I point at Chloe.

"Yes unfortunately"

Anyway nice meeting you Eoghan.

"Anytime pomodoro"

Did you just call me-

He immediately has that shit she understood me look.

"Well you are as red as a tomato"

"How about we never speak of this again?"



I unfreeze time and Milo and Chloe take a few seconds to fully come too.

"When are you guys gonna make bb's?"

Eoghan and I both say "No" at the same time with the same annoyed tone.

"But I want to be an auntie!"

"How about no Chloe"

Milo and Chloe start screeching about how it's not fair giving out like two year olds.


I'm like the others taken aback by my own words.

Perhaps Eoghan's being there has given me too much confidence for my own good.

I take a deep breath finally getting rid of the lump of lead.

Where are the dorms?

"I'll show you"

Chloe walks off her light and flowy baby pink skirt lifting up ever so slightly as she goes down the hall and runs down the stairs.


I run after her and go down the stairs.

*Time skip*

I'm in the library looking for a book.

I can sense its presence but can't pinpoint the exact location.

I climb up on one of the table and search for the book in the many shelves and rows.

I notice it's old battered cover against the crisp ones of the new books in the library.

I reach for it and pull it out of the case.

A warm and welcoming sensation spreads from my fingertips and throughout my body.

I hop off the table and sit down on the bean bags and open the book.

Someone walks into the library but I pay no attention tracing my nail over the intricate drawings on the book.

"What are you doing here?"

I look up and notice Eoghan looking at me in curiosity.

"What does it look like Einstein"

I'm shocked at my confidence.

It's definitely his presence giving me this confidence.

"No need to be so rude"

"Says the one."

I can't believe I just said that.

He rolls his eyes.

"What are you reading?"

I've been told not to tell anyone but something inside of me tells me that it's safe and ok to tell him.

"A song book" I reply back.

Watch this.

"A mothers lullaby."

I set the book down and its pages begin flipping.

Then it bursts out into its melody.

(The song is all is found in frozen2)

I lie back and enjoy it's calming melody as Eoghan looks at the book curiously.

"I think I've heard this song before"

"My mother used to sing it to me when I was younger."

I sing along with the chorus.

"The song seems so familiar"

He sits on one of the bean bags next to me and listens intently to the song.

"I've definitely heard that before"

I look at him quizzically as he focuses intently on the words.

He mouths each one with his brows furrowed in concentration.

He's eyes spring open and are as wide as saucers.



He's clamping his hands to his ears and is trying desperately to block out the music.

I slam the book closed and the music immediately comes to a stop.

He takes a few deep breaths and thanks me.

"Are you ok?"

"Just memories"

I decide not to press on the topic anymore.

A few minutes pass no words needing to be said.

"Sorry about that pomodoro"

I pick up the book and stand up.

"Don't call me pomodoro"

"I'm afraid the names stuck pomodoro"

Then he winks at me.

Meanie I reply and walk out the doors of the library leaving him Laughing behind me.

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