Never been Loved

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Fictional but is true in thousands of places, where humanity dies, where death prevails.

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Chapter 1

A group of men, all dressed in black heavy jackets entered the building. Being as quite as one could be, they entered and the last one of them closed the door, which creaked loudly as he moved along. However, their silence was lost somewhere in the middle and now they were arguing loudly about something. There were five of them and they looked like the guys who'd spend half of their day in the gym, to fight a terror that would never come. They passed a hallway and into a big room dimly lit. A new person would trip a hundred times in the hallway, these guys knew their way. The room smelled like dead meat, considering meat was literally everywhere. The air was full of cigarette smoke. They sat down in the broken chairs, half filled beer bottles with them.

"There's no way we can be out of here. This place has been ours for years now." One of the guys said.

"That is the exact reason why we should leave. What kind of criminals stay in the same place for so long?" different voice said this time.

"The cool kind. Police doesn't suspect this place, no one does. It is in a middle of nowhere. Why would we leave such a heaven."

" Let's not get into this right now. It has been a big day. Let's just get drunk."

"I'll just go feed the hungry dogs, seems like they would eat the building if you let them." one of them said and got up. He seemed to be going into a wall but amidst the darkness there was another hallway with a row of rooms on both the sides. He entered the first room on the right. The room smelled like garbage with not a single a source of light. The two windows inside were sealed tightly so not even air could pass. A girl half alive sat in the corner of the room, head between her knees refusing to see anything the man had bought.

The tiny figure shivered under the stare of the man, visibly shaken by the thought of the door being opened. The man just stared at her for good three minutes and finally said, " You're lucky I'm done for today."

The girl didn't seem to have heard anything but they both felt the terror the words inculcated in her.

The man closed the door behind him staring at the girl for as long as he could. With the door halfway closed the girl dared look up and saw the evil in the man's smile. He opened the door again and came inside the room. With the smile plastered on his face he sat down next to her. He raised his hand and his finger trailed down the side of the girl's face, the stiffness in the girl's body evident.

With his other hand inside the pocket of his jacket, he pulled out a packet of bread and threw it on her face.

He stoop up and left.

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