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Salias Love is an undercover spy, but the person she spies on sees through her dork disguise. Love and hate mingle as Alex falls in love with her and she falls in love wit him, but her next mission sends all of her friends in grave danger as she finds a man who is her mate but she has six guys surrounding her who can never leave her heart. But who is the real Salias Love? And who will she choose?

Other / Drama
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1: Barbie Doll

As I walked into school I immediately regretted what I was doing, what I was wearing and where I was. People were busy pointing at me and laughing already judging me most probably classifying me as a nerd.

I feel like Douglas just went too far with the fact that he could make me look like anything or anyone who wouldn’t be too suspicious. This may be my first day here, but I felt like I had already had enough with this place.

I was blond with striking blue eyes (so cliche to me), with round dorky glasses and blue braces. I was wearing an over sized wool jersey with bell bottom jeans and black pumps... giving me a helpless type of look.

Back to reality. In the corner of my eye I saw someone raising a straw in my direction and it quickly registered in my mind. Spit ball. At the last moment I stepped to the side causing the spit ball to hit this girl who looked like a Barbie doll.

She immediately turned and marched in my direction with a pointed stare. The moment she came up to me she grabbed my collar and pulled me right up to her face and I hate the way I knew that I had to pretend I was scared and hurt my pride.

“You think you’re so funny don’t you?” I shook my head , ” You think that people will respect you if you took down the top dog. But guess what, no one can take me down and you will regret what you’ve just done to me.”

“I didn’t do anything it was her,” I said pointing at the girl who had the straw pointed to me laughing with her friends who saw before she did what was happening. ” I don’t have a straw or paper how could I have spit a spit ball on you when I have nothing to do that with.” She looked stunned and I felt so proud of myself. ” And second of all I don’t even know who you are I just got here. I don’t know you’re name or anything I literally just got in through the door.”

She looked angry then shocked as reality set in. Stupid. She gave me another famous glare, “Don’t think you’ll be so lucky next time.”

She clicked her fingers and a bunch of guys came to her side in an instant and pointed at the girl who was still laughing. They all started running after her. That’s what she gets. I don’t even know who this girl was or even thought or cared. Was she stupid or something? Yes she was.

" And if you don’t know who I am... what rock have you been hiding under?” she said with a sly smirk. Sly not shy. Sly.

“I just flew in from Seychelles. My parents own the hotels there. So this is not just my first time here but in the country. Let alone the state.”

She looked so shocked and envious. Then she looked down at me. I knew I was her height but that’s what 5 inch heels do to people. ” Watch your back. I don’t take kindly to people who talk back to me.”

“I was answering your questions.” And then she blushed because she realized that she was being stupid. She frowned and glared at me and in my head I was just saying ′ be careful. Don’t strain your Botox with that frown’ and all people did these days was glare. Right then she walked away and I realized that everyone in the hall way was looking at her and settled on looking at me and started whispering.

That’s when I thought wait this is cliche stuff. Nerd, whispering gossipers, stupid Barbie doll. Desperate, love sick boy fools. So I’m supposed to do everybody’s homework and avoid them and that type of stuff. I’m not supposed to have a phone otherwise people will think that I’m ruining the balance of the universe... Hell no! I might have to be pushed over, laughed at and punched, but no one, and I mean no one, separates me from my baby. It has like 500 songs and I’m not letting them go.

The bell rang and I immediately scurried off into the hall to my Math classroom getting looks of disgust and annoyance. They don’t even know me!

When I walked into class people went quiet though I was definitely not the teacher. So 30 minutes and no one knows my name... huh. I chose to sit in the middle because people in the front were expected to be talented in their class and the people in the back were always picked on. So the middle was peaceful area. The safe zone. I began texting on my phone whilst listening to ‘bad guy’ by Billie Eilish.

In the corner of my eye I saw someone pulling the chair next to me away from me. I looked next to me and not their face looking at the red Nikes. Nice.

I think the person expected me to react and look sad or something because he cleared his throat and I ignored him. He kept on doing things trying to get my attention without really calling me so guess what I did? Ignored him.

He went as far as to tap my shoulder and I knew that was direct so I looked up and was met with cold green eyes. “What?” I said removing one side of my headphones. He looked shocked that I had the guts. Definitely a stereotype.

“I’m, uh... taking the chair” he said pointing at the chair and queue me complaining and asking why not sit next to me, what’s wrong with me? But guess what I did? Nothing.

I ended up shrugging. At least I don’t have to be irritated or having to reply and complain. He stood there for a while looking shocked.

“Did you hear me?” he asked with a smirk. An evil one.

“Did you not say you where taking the chair away? So if you’re going to sit on the floor go ahead.”

He glared at me. Aw come on. What did I do now? He went and sat next to another group of guys. I smirked to myself. That’s how it’s done! I stopped smirking when I met stormy grey eyes. They stared straight at me until I looked away.

The teacher walked in and started talking about Linear equations etcetera. Everyone was quickly writing down notes until he looked at me and stopped. ” Why aren’t you writing down notes, Miss.....”

" I memorized.” I ignoring the fact that he wanted to know my name.

“And where is your partner?” he said giving me a pointed look.

" I don’t know around and I don’t need one.” I said waving my hand away, “And I already did this topic.”

The teacher looked at me and searched the students for the man with the chair. ” Coleman!” he shouted pointing at whoever I really didn’t care.

The guy who took the chair away just started talking about not getting germs by sitting next me adding a fake sneeze and I rolled my eyes at his cliche story. The school had everything about it being cliche.

The teacher ignored him and continued lecturing but I couldn’t pay attention because I felt someone watching me. I looked back and saw the guy with the grey eyes watching me. I looked away blushing and then texted Douglas to come and get me as soon as school ended or I would kill him.And he knew it was true. I sighed in relief as the day went by as usual... for me.

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