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Am I Insane, because I fear the Black Ocean?

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A girl named Lethan Grime is a normal young girl living a normal life, but there’s one thing that always bothers her and that one thing is her fear of herself.

Alayla Grey
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Am I insane, because I fear the black ocean

Am I! Am I really! Why, why, go away! Stop! STOP LETHAN!!! “Gasp” I am lethan grime and my biggest fear is losing my self to insanity. All my life I always wondered about killing but that was only due to family issues with different sides of the family not getting along well so I always worried. But that problem was not that big at the moment, for that problem was for someone hurting my mother, not exactly me hurting anyone...at the time. Until 5th grade were I had liked this boy and I really liked him but since I was scared to tell him and I didn’t want anyone else to tell him because I didn’t want his image of me to be distroyed so for the reason I would do whatever to keep it that way but the problem was a girl who so called

herself my freindwas also planning to tell him!

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