The Stud and Her Queens

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Katorah and Belcalis have been married for four years and have been going strong enjoying their pleasurable marriage Meanwhile Onika has been in this boring relationship with her high school sweet heart and wants something more What happens when they meet?

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Back Story

Katorah Kasanova Marrero also known as Young Ma in the rap industry and is CEO of her own clothing line Brook she has surpassed many labels and slander and became another known female rapper

Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar known as Cardi B to the public eye has also successfully came to be an uprising rapper while also teaming with Fashion Nova with her fashion collection call Bardi

Katorah and Belcalis were very discreet with their relationship at first since there are things about them that the public isn't aware

Katorah was born a penis this condition is called intersex since she had it since it birth no one ever noticed it until she met Belcalis who also is a masochist

Belcalis are part of the BDSM scene and it joy the pleasure it brings to their everyday lives... Especially in the bedroom not only that they have an only fans account

Onika Tanya Maraj, but to close family and friends she goes by Nicki graduating high school and now is in her second year college working part time at Hot Topic to become an inspiring writer she attends school with her high school sweet heart Adrian Marcel Hutton who is attending college for medical studies to become a cardiologist they've always been classified as the high school and college power couple, but secretly Nicki wants something else she wants more excitement which Adrian isn't willing to give her including in the bedroom

What happens when a close friend friend of Nicki tells her about this special couple on Onlyfans and convinces her to make an account?

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