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Falling for the Alpha

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It all started on a friday. When i noticed the time on the alarm clock it was 6:30 am. I snoozed the buzzer off and went to go take a shower. Once i got out of the shower i blowed dryed my hair and put my clothes on. I went to check my wall on facebook and i see a post that says,″Happy Birthday Mystic, hope you have a great day, xoxoRichellexoxo″.

Yes today is my birthday and i am finally going to be sixteen. I can’t wait to shift into my wolf, i always wanted to see what my coat looks like when i go for a run to the woods. I log out and exit my room. When i get downstairs i see my mom and dad carrying a cake full of candles, i instantly knew it was for me. ″Happy Birthday sweetheart, now come here i have to give you sixteen spankings″, i chuckle at her and she gives me a warm smile.

My dad then tells me Happy Birthday and brings me into a hug and kisses me on the cheek. I release from his hug and survey the room. ″Where is Jason?″, i questioned. ″Oh, honey he had to leave for a pack meeting with the alpha it was very urgent″ my mom replies. Jason is my older brother he is eighteen years and the beta of our pack the Moonlight pack.

Our pack is one of the strongest packs in the nation. My dad was originally the beta but he stepped down and handed to my brother since he was eligible to accept the title. However, the alpha now is my dad’s best friends son, Asher. All you need to know about asher is he is a very cocky, self-absorbed and aggressive person. He happens to be my brother’s best friend since grade school.

I can’t blame him though they are basically like two peas in a pod. I come back to reality when my mom tells me to make a wish. She was bickering that she spend four hours making the cake and she didn’t want the candle wax to spill all over the cake.

I blow out the candles and storm off to school because I wanted to be early for school. The outfit I’m wearing today is a grey boyfriend cardigan with a grey v-neck shirt, blue faded jeans, and my black studded combat boots. The makeup I’m wearing is a black shimmery smoky eye with mascara, eyeliner ( I actually did a cat eye look) and red bold lipstick. And finally for Jewerly I have black metallic studded earings, a silver lightning bolt necklace and spiked braclets. As you can see I’m a tomboy my style is like edgy but only on special occasions i dress nice.

I ride my black crusier to school since I really don’t have a car. When I get there I see a crowd of people gathered in one area. I take a peek and its Richelle and other people signing this big poster.

“Oh, I didn’t expect for you to come this early but some people are still signing your poster so how was this morning let me guess your mom made you a cake ″,

“How did you know″,

“Just a lucky guess anyways Happy Birthday Bitch″,

“Thank you”.

Richelle has been my best friend since preschool. As soon as we laid eyes on each other on the first day we both knew we were made to be best friends. Richelle has sun-kissed skin, auburn hair, and blue eyes.

“So how does it feel to finally be sixteen″, “It feels f*cking fantastic″.

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