Falling for the Alpha

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Me and Richelle were talking for what seems like hours and out of nowhere we hear the bell ring. ” Shit, I wanted to get breakfast before the bell rang”, she mutters under her breath.

“Well, see you later don’t want detention on my birthday”. We give each other a tight hug before we part our ways. I rush up the stairs while getting to my first class. Damn,I forgot I have calculus with Asher. I honestly don’t want to see him today especially since it is my birthday.

He always make a joke out of me since I’m the only sophmore there. I love math so much the school ended up bumping me to calculus this year. Once I enter the door I hear a loud groan coming from across the room. “Look what the cat dragged in”, i heard him yell across the room.

“Look Asher, I don’t want to deal with you right now especially not today”, I yell at him.

" What’s the matter is this too hot too handle”. He points to his face. He has the nerve to get underneath my skin. I go across the room and storm at him, I start punching his face until someone pulls me away from him.

“Mystic, end this now you don’t want Asher to banish you to the rogues”. I turn to face Ken holding me from escaping his grasp.

Ken is Asher’s third in command, and his cousin.

Me and ken are good friends he keeps me out of trouble before I cause problems.

“Fine, then tell your jackass alpha to back off, then”, he nods in agreement and lets me go.

I go back to my desk and glance at Asher. He has a black eye on his right eye, I have been wanting to do that for so long and I finally did on my birthday. The teacher continues on with his lecture while I just start texting Richelle. My phone vibrates and I got a new text from Richelle. “So are we gonna go shopping afterschool for your party dress or what?”

“Yeah, we’ll just go to the mall real quick because my mom wants me home early she wants me to set up with the decorations while she prepares the food for the party.″

“Alright, see you then love ya.” I grin at the screen one last time before putting my phone away.

Sooner or later school is over.

I rush out of class when the bell rings to meet up with Richelle. Richelle is waiting for me in her car, honking on me to hurry up.

“Come on birthday girl don’t want to be late for our appointment”, I roll my eyes at her remark. As soon as I enter the car I get a whiff of cinammon.

“Damn, richelle you got to lay low on the scented trees its so strong”.

“Sorry you know how much I love cinammon I bought a lot of these scented trees, it will last for the entire month”.

After that we stood there in silence while Richelle was driving. We get there in thirty minutes. We stroll to the sidewalk and speedwalk inside. Richelle pushes me through this store and she tells me to wait by the waiting area. I nod at her and she talks to the receptionist. I look over the store and all the walls were painted in gold, like pure gold. I noticed that the store is called Mimi’s.

“Mystic, c’mon let’s go on and try some dresses. “Alright, she drags me to this specific rack and starts handed me all sorts of dresses.

“Okay, now go on try them on I’ll be sitting right there”, she points towards this luxorious couch in the center of the dressing rooms.

I push open one of the doors and I hang all the dresses on the steel rod.

I try on the first dress Richelle handed me and its a turquoise babydoll dress.

I open the door and I walk towards the mirror.

“Hmmm,....that dress doesn’t suit you well with your curves I want you to look sexy tonight!”

“Oh richelle stop it, I’m only turning sixteen once-”

“Go try on more dresses, darling”

I go back and change out of the dress and I find this one dress that appeals to me the most.

I open the door and Richelle gasps.

“Ok, now that dress is sexy!”

I give a light chuckle and I twirl in front of the mirror.

The dress that I’m wearing is a lilac silk tight dress that hugs my curves and it goes above my mid-thigh.

“Yep this is the dress”

I return to my dressing room and my phone starts beeping.

Its a text from my mom.

“Mystic, I need you to come home now, I need help with the food.

I curse under my breath.

I change back into my regular clothes and I put all the dresses I tried on in a rack except for the lilac dress.

“Oh, mystic let me take that up to the cash register”.

“What, no Richelle its okay I’ll pay for it”.

“No, its your birthday besides I’m paying with my card”, she flashes me her gold visa card. “Anyways this is my birthday present to you”.

“Now, run along your mother is probably worried about you, I’ll deliever the dress to your house before the party starts, along with some heels to go with the dress”,

“Alright see you then”, we both exchange a hug and I leave the mall.

I catch the local bus and i arrive at my house no later than fifthteen minutes.

I open the door to see all the catering in the dining room with the decorations, Photo booth i had rented, and a DJ.

I am in a state of awe, i can’t believe this is all happening today, my birthday, finally going to be sixteen and i find out who my mate is.

“Ah Mystic, quick i need you to hang up the decorations i have to sort out where the food is going to be”.

“Alright mom”, i start hanging streamers along each of the corner of the walls and duct tape them so they won’t fall at any moment. I later then tape the words “Happy Birthday” in the center of the room. When I’m done I go around the house to see if there are anything left to do. I hear the door bell ring and I dash to the door. There lies as a box with a ribbon on it. I open it to reveal the dress i got and some sparkly heels beside it. Then i see a envelope right below the tissue paper. “Richelle” it reads. I open it to reveal Richelle’s writing “Hope you look sexy tonight XoXoXo Richelle”. I grin at her writing and I march upstairs. I quickly take a shower and shave my legs at the same time. I then blow dry my hair and apply cream to my legs. When my hair is dry enough i use my wand to curl my hair. Since its a special night, i curl my hair in mermaid waves. I then remove my towel and put on my matching underwear and bra that goes with my dress. Once i adjust everything, I then slip on my lilac dress along with the sparkly heels. I go downstairs to try to find my mother. But, i get distracted with the photo booth. I enter the photo booth and pick my shots and take multiple pictures, because I wont have time to take picture of myself right when the party starts. After it prints my pictures I look at them for a minute then i leave the photo booth. I look everywhere for my mother and i still can’t find her. So instead, i go to my father’s office. I knock on the door and i hear “Come in”, i open the door to see my dad in an Armani suit doing some paperwork on his desk.

“Hey Daddy, have you seen mom I’ve been looking everywhere for her”,

“No, what do you need?”

“Oh i just wanted to show her my dress.”

“Well you look Beautiful, darling, just when I had met your mother and I had found out she was mate, i’ll never forget that day, the best day of my life”.

“Thanks dad, um so when are people going to show up?”

“In an hour for now-”

Our conversation gets interrupted by a doorbell.

“I’ll get it dad don’t worry”,

I race out of the room to get the door. As soon as I reach the door I open it to see my mother standing there with a big white box.

“Oh, honey I didn’t expect you to answer the door, where’s your father”?

“Oh, he’s in his office, do you want me to link him?”

“Yes please darling”

“Dad, I found mom, she needs you”.

Within seconds he’s there beside me.

“I’ll get that”, My dad reaches for the box and carries it to the kitchen.

“Thanks, Hun”, My mom kisses him on the mouth.

“Oh my god, guys get a room!”

“We can do this later”, my mom purrs in my dad’s ears.

“Alright, i need to get back to my office to sort out some more papers, i’ll see you later”, he gives my mom one last kiss to my mom then leaves to his office.

“I swear you guys are so gross”,

“You will understand once you meet your mate mystic”.

I try to pay attention to my mom while i’m trying to open the white large box in front of me. I was so close to opening it when my catches me and slaps my hand away.

“No, no no, mystic its a surprise”, my mom puts the box in the fridge.

“Damn, so close, oh mom i wanted to show you my outfit”, i stand in front of her and i give her a twirl.

“The purple does suit you mystic, I wonder how your mates going to react he will be all over you”, my mom chants in excitement.

“Thanks, mom-“, I get interrupted by a doorbell. “I’ll get that”, I jog over to the door and I open it to see Richelle there in a pretty, black sparkling dress with her hair up in a high bun with dazzling red stilettos.

“Woah, Richelle you look really nice, nice touch on the shoes”, I point towards her heels. She always makes bold choices with her wardrobe.

“Thanks, its just ordinary me”, She gives a twirl and gives me a pose.

“So am i going to stay here all day or are you going to invite me in?“.

“Oh my bad, come in”,she walks past me and glances around the room.

“Wow, the decorations are really nice”, “What else you got here?”

“Well we have the catering in the back, the DJ in the party room, and the photo booth is in the hallway”.

“Well lets gets started with the pictures!“Richelle drags me towards the photo booth and we start taking pictures. Since we got props the pictures were more fun to take. We took so many until we ended up getting tired. When we exited the photo booth there were already people arriving so me and Richelle parted our ways. Richelle said she was going to get something to eat so i headed up stairs. I was putting on my jewelry when i hear a familiar voice. “Well, it seems like you never seem to grow younger any day now”, i turn to see my brother Jason there by the doorway. “Jasie!“, i run towards him and give him a big hug.

“Hey don’t call me that in public”, he whispers in my ear.

“Sorry can’t help it Jasie”, i smile against in his chest. He gives me a warning look then he releases from my hug.

“Where’s Jessica at?“, i try to look past him but he stops me.

“She’s downstairs holding your present-“, i don’t hear after that because I’m racing down the stairs. If you wondering who Jessica is she is my brothers mate and wife. They have been together for two years and they are now expecting their first pup. She is just eight months right now but i can’t wait until she has her baby. They won’t tell me if its a boy or girl, they say they want it to be a surprise so i can’t blame them.

When I reach the bottom of the stairs I see Jessica sitting at the couch with a present in her hands. She glows when she sees me and she smiles. “Happy Birthday Mystic”, she hands me the present and I try to shake it.

“Wonder what’s in it?” I said. I put the present with the other gifts I got for the evening. After that, I head to the dance floor and I start busting some moves.

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