Falling for the Alpha

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I danced for what seemed like hours. I was practically sweating from dancing so much. I danced with many guys to see if I had felt any connection tonight but, nothing had clicked. I went to go get some food since I didn’t eat yet. There was a taco truck in the back of the yard and it was a pretty big line.

I waited for about 30 minutes before I finally reached the window. “Hi, can I get a burrito with nachos and a coke.” The lady hands me a number and I wait on the other line for my order .

“564” I hear the lady shout. I go to the window to retrieve my order. I sit at this table and I start eating away.
Soon, Richelle joins me. “Hey, mystic the party is amazing”, she said.

“Thanks, I’m glad you liked it”, I said.

“Mystic, sorry to disappoint you but I got to head home my aunt wants me home before midnight.”

“Aww...I wished you could of stayed longer, thanks for coming though”. I give Richelle a big hug.

“Your welcome, oh I left you another present I got you at the mall, and have a great night”, she waves goodbye and leaves. When I’m done with my food, I head back inside. I’m surprised to see a conga line being started. My brother pushes me in front of him and I lead the way. We go around the living room to the kitchen and outside. We all soon break out of it and we scatter to the dining room.

Everyone in the pack gathers around as we wait for the arrival of the cake. I see my mom come in carrying the same white box and she places it in the center of the table. She opens a box to see a medium-sized cake in blue frosting with white roses on the side. My mom then puts candles around the cake until it counts up to sixteen.

She grabs a lighter and lights all them up. When she is done she joins with my father that is sitting to the left of me. “1...2...3...“, my mother says. Everyone joins in, ” Happy birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear, mystic...Happy Birthday to you!“. I hear shouts and some people whistiling.

I look to see Jason screaming,“HAPPY BIRTHDAY MYSTIC I LOVE YOU”, I started laughing really hard. He probably had a lot to drink already. When he gets drunk he’s extremely loud. I blow out the candles one by one. My mom then removes every candle. She disappears for a moment and comes back with a kitchen knife. “You do the honors”, she hands me the knife and I take it from her. I cut slowly into the cake and I see a bunch of cameras go off. I cut a big piece for me and I then leave to eat my precious cake.

One word to describe the cake is delicous. It had vanilla frosting with choclate fudge inside. I then get called for the opening of my presents. I went over to the gift table and it had tons of presents. They piled all the way to the ceiling, tonight is going to be a long night. I had a little help getting the presents from the top. They were mostly money, clothes, bags, etc. I opened more than 100 presents.

I was then left with 2 small gifts from my parents and from my brother along with Jessica’s gift. I open their gift first. It was a blue bag with white tissue paper. I teared the tissue paper to see a Birthday card and a little black velvet box. I read the card first to see a hundred dollar bill spill out. My eyes widen.

“Happy birthday Mystic,” it reads, “We hope you have a great birthday and we wish you lots of love,Love Jason and Jessica. P.S Auttum wishes you a Happy Birthday too!“.

I snap my head at them to see them smiling. “You are having a girl?” I asked. Jessica nods her head and she hugs me really tight. The whole pack claps for us. I sit back down in the chair and I slowly open the box to see a gold charmed braclet with special little charms. It’s really pretty. I set the box down and i give another hug to both Jessica and Jason.

After that I open my mom and dad’s present, it was a blue velvet box. I open it to reveal my birthstone ring. It was a opal ring with my birthday date engraved on it. I burst into tears once again. I give hug to my mom and my dad. “Thank you so much you guys”. I slip the ring onto my ring finger and it fits perfectly.

My dad then speaks out, “May I have your attention please”. The whole pack then becomes silent. “Everyone please take a nearby wine glass and wait while the waiters pour champagne in your glasses, me, my wife and our family would like to give a toast to our daughter, Mystic”.

We all wait while the waiters pass by pouring Champagne to every person in the room. Once they are finished my dad then steps forward along with my mother.

“Sixteen years ago today I was a lucky man, I found out my wife was going to expect a pup for the second time and she told me we were going to have a baby girl. I was so happy to actually have a little girl join the family. Once you were born Mystic you had me wrapped around your little finger and you will always be a Daddy’s girl, Happy Birthday Sweetie, I Love You”.

My mom then spoke,“Well, as you all know my daughter she is a sweet genuine person but sometimes can get a little out of control, but all I have to say mystic is that I love you will all my heart and Happy Birthday “.

Then it was Jason and Jessica’s turn to end the speeches. “We’ll sis your finally sixteen and you are growing up to be a young beautiful woman and Jessica would like to say something as well”.

“Well mystic I’ve only got to meet you for a couple of years now and I am happy to say that I am your friend and now that you are sixteen embrace it girl and little autumn wishes you Happy Birthday too.” Jessica raises her glass of water, “Cheers to Mystic and may your wishes come true tonight!”

Everyone raises their glasses and takes a sip. I hear some people whistling and some screaming my name. I then take a sip of my glass of champagne and i feel a buzz of alcohol. Wow it tasted bitter but after a few sips i started to taste sweet. I don’t even remember how many glasses i took but I can just see the room spinning.

I then bump into a person,“S-s-sorry you smell re-really good b-b-b-y the w-w-w-ay”, whoever this person was smelled like peppermint. I looked up to see glowing crystal green eyes that creeped my soul.

“No worries you smell good to like french vanilla, my favorite”, the person then captures my lips and kisses me with force. That’s when i feel the tingles all over my body. He then releases from the kiss.

“Whats your name baby girl?”

“Mystic, and yours?”

He chuckles.“Well, mines is Asher” Then i feel my wolf get excited, which means this guy is my oh so lovely mate. I’m too drunk to actually care who this guy is as long as he loves me tonight.

“Wanna take this upstairs”, he purrs into my ear. “Mhm”, When he leads me upstairs this only means i will lose my virginity but there is no holding back now and I am pretty happy to do it with my one and only mate. He heads into my room, once we enter he locks the door and carries me to my bed. He lies me down and we start losing our clothes in minutes. After hours of him making love to me we rest. Within minutes I drift to sleep.

I wake up to the sun shining in my face, I squint my eyes shut. I flip to the other side of the bed and i don’t see the guy from last night. I jump out of bed to try and look for him. I shut the curtains to block the sunlight from coming in. I open my bathroom door to see the guy sitting on the floor. He stands up and turns to face me with his torso exposed only revealing him in his boxers and i know damn well who he is.

My oh so lovely mate, is Asher and we ended up doing it last night. We made eye contact and we just started to yell at each other.

“How on earth, did i get paired up with you, out of all the wolves in the world i get paired with an asshole”, I yell.

“I don’t know Mystic, i don’t know why i got paired with a loser like you not to mention a bitch as well”, he yelled back.

I’m cringing at the fact that we both did it last night. I refuse to drink alcohol again.

I was pacing in my bathroom and he stood by the sink staring at me.

“You know we can just end it right here Mystic, you don’t want to do this and neither do I”.

I looked at him, “You know you are right, what do we do?“.

“Just simply reject me and i will do the same, I’ll go first”.


“I, Asher Adams reject you Mystic Raven”.

“And I Mystic Raven reject you Asher Adams”.

As soon as i finished that sentence, we both yelled in pain. Why do i feel like i being stabbed in the chest right now. Nobody ever says you go through pain when you reject your mate.

After a couple of seconds, I’m fine. I look over to Asher and he he clutching his chest.

“Did you feel that?“, he asked.


We stood there for a few moments before he talked.

“Well, i guess i’ll leave, see you i guess at the next pack meeting or whatever”. He was already leaving the bathroom and i stopped him.


I grabbed his hand and i still felt the sparks. He turned around and he let go of my hand. Weird, I shouldn’t feel the sparks anymore.

“Let me go, I don’t want to stay here anymore, sure we did end our mating bond but i don’t want to stick around”.

He looked at me confused.

I cleared my throat, “I mean you are the alpha, I am asking your permission to leave, I’m being respectful aren’t I? I know we have our differences, you don’t like me and i don’t like you either”.

“Fine, if it is what you want then go ahead, i’ll let the pack know that you will be departing this morning”, and with that he left my room and i heard him leave out the front door.

I let out a breath. Wow, well I never expected to have him as my mate nor did i think i would reject my mate as soon as i met them.

I started to pack up my stuff, i was always thinking of moving to New York, it’s the city that never sleeps.

I had three suitcases packed with all of my clothes and i was ready to go. I get a text from my phone from the Alpha himself.

“Attention all pack members, please report to the pack house for some urgent news”.

Asher has the ability to text all pack members about any meetings to attends and what’s coming up for the remainder of the year. It’s a new thing that everyone is still getting used to because of technology.

As i head downstairs, both my parents mention about the text they got as well.

“Hm, i wonder what news he has to share with us”, my dad said.

“Maybe, it could be some new pack members joining”, my mom replied.

“Could be yeah”, i replied.

“Alright, we got to head on over to the pack house, your brother should be there already”, my dad said.

He got the keys to his jeep and both me and my mom followed him out the door.

Me and my mom went inside the car while my dad locked the front door. Soon enough we were on our way to the pack house. It will take two hours just to get there, so i made myself comfortable.

I woke up from the little nap i took and when i looked outside we were about to pull up to the pack house.

We parked and i noticed some of the other pack members coming in as well and finding a space to park.

We made our way inside and the living room was starting to get filled. I saw everyone chatting with one another sitting on the couches or standing by the wall.

Then i turned my head to the second floor and i saw our past Alpha appear. All of us directed our attention to him and he greeted everyone.

He made his way over to me and my parents and he was smiling.

“Hey Julian, Grace, Mystic, it’s so good to see you guys”.
He hugged my parents then me.

“Hey Lenny, it’s been a while how are you doing?“.

“I’ve been doing good, everything is going well with the pack”.

“So what is going to be discusses in the pack meeting, we are curious to know Lenny”, my mom asked.

Lenny looked at me, then he shifted his attention back to my mom, “My son will talk about it when everyone is settled in”.

He excused himself, and he greeted the rest of the pack members. Soon enough we saw Jason walking down the stairs with Jessica by his side. Then behind him was Asher himself, looking handsome as hell. Did i just say he was handsome? I ignored what I thought of him and focused my attention somewhere else.

Asher cleared his throat, “Hello everyone, good evening i wanted to discuss some news that i would like to share with all of you”.

He looked around the room until his eyes settled on me, “One of our pack members will be leaving us today”.

Everyone was whispering to each other and trying to spot out who’s leaving.

Asher linked me to come to the front to stand next to him and walked over to him. I can feel my parents looking at me all weird and i felt the stares of the rest of the pack.

I crossed my arms and stood there while Asher finished up. Soon enough the meeting was over and people were heading out. My parents came over to me upset and shocked that Asher made that announcement.

But I explained to them that since i am sixteen already i have the right to move if i wanted to. When werewolves are sixteen they are basically an adult in the werewolf world. We can leave to another pack or do whatever we wanted as long as we got permission from the Alpha.

Although both of my parents tried to change my mind they understood. They both gave me a hug and a kiss and left.

As soon as they left, I turned around to see Asher was still there.

I looked at him and my heart started to beat really fast. For some weird reason, I was catching feelings for Asher. I never noticed how attractive he was until this moment.

I looked away, I don’t know why I was acting all weird. I took a deep breath and that’s when Asher spoke up.

“There’s an extra room down the hall for you to stay, I already booked you a flight for the morning, get some sleep I’ll see you in the morning, goodnight”. He walked past me and up the stairs.

I made my way over to guest room and I passed out as soon I laid down.

I woke up to Asher knocking on my door to get ready in ten minutes.

I took a quick shower and got dressed.

I exited the room and went outside to see my brother and Jessica waited out front with Asher.

There was a black SUV parked in the front.

As soon as made my way towards them they all started to get in the car.

I realized I didn’t have my suitcases with me. I turned to Jason and he reassured me that he went last night to get my suitcases that was in my room.

The whole ride to the airport was very awkward.

As soon as we hit the road both Jason and Jessica fell asleep in the back while me and Asher were awake.

Asher was driving and he was very tense. He was gripping the wheel extremely hard. I kept glancing over him every so often and he did the same.

I accidentally rub my hand against his and the sparks were still there.

We both looked at each other and he kept his hand on his lap while I crossed my arms.

The whole ride was five hours. I eventually fell asleep towards the end and I woke up to Asher poking me.

I stretched and got out of the car both Asher and Jason helped me with my suitcases. I walked with Jessica we held hands.

We all walked to the food court to get something to eat for breakfast and they all waited with me until it was time for me to board the plane.

Then it was time for me to go, the person on the intercom was repeating that flight 22 was boarding and ready to go.

Both Jason and Jessica gave me big hug, Jason didn’t want me to go and I had to convince him to let me go or I was going to miss my flight.

They left to go wait in the car and they gave me some alone time with Asher.

Asher looked at me then he proceeded to give me a hug.

This caught me off guard, I hugged him back and we both broke apart.

“You are free to do whatever you like, you can choose to never come back or you can come back whenever you feel like it”.

He bowed and I bowed back in respect.

“Last call for flight 22”.

I looked at Asher one last time before I boarded the plane.

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