Falling for the Alpha

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Mystic Pov

5 years later...

Well it’s been 5 years since I left California and a lot of things have changed. The place where I settled was New York, I decided to pursue the college experience here shortly after I finished up high school. Last year I graduated from NYU with a degree in Art History. I fell in love with art after taking a course of Art 101.

As of right now, I currently have a part time job as a barista in the city and at night I work at a nightclub serving drinks.

I wanted to feel normal again and forget that I was a supernatural creature.

I just left work and I was heading over to my small apartment that was a couple of blocks away.

I opened my door and locked it behind me.

I went to my room and laid on my bed. I grabbed my phone to set an alarm to wake up in 4 hours for my second job.

As soon as I set the alarm, I fell asleep.

I woke up to my phone going off. I hit the snooze button for ten more minutes.

My alarm went off for the second time and I finally got up. If I didn’t get up now I would of been late to work, and I don’t want to make it a habit.

I got my black collared t shirt with black slacks and my black closed toed shoes from my closet. While I was getting ready, I put on some music to keep me awake.

I checked myself out in the bathroom, making sure there was no wrinkles on my shirt. I put some gel on my hair to make it more sleek. I applied some mascara and clear lipgloss.

I got my phone and it was already 8:30. I got my purse and my keys and headed out the door. I locked my door and took the elevator down to the main floor.

However, the elevator decided to go up a level and the doors opened to a guy walking in.

As soon as he pressed the button for the first floor I got a whiff of his smell.

Oh my god, he was a werewolf. I tried not to panic, this guy can be a member of a pack nearby. But the thing is I’m not a part of a pack here in New York , so I’m basically a rogue. I never claimed to be a part of pack since I got here, it never crossed my mind.

I tried to calm myself down, I mean maybe he thinks I’m a human. As soon as the elevator stops on the first floor the doors open. I walk past the guy and tried to get out of my building so I wouldn’t be confronted.

Thank god I was already two blocks away from my building. I slowed down and stepped off to the side to look behind me. Clearly, that guy didn’t follow me so I continued walking for three more blocks until I made it to work.

I clocked in and I started to serve drinks to people stopping by at the bar and went around tables to see what people wanted to eat. When I went on my third break for the night I checked my phone for any notifications.

My brother texted me to invite me to my niece’s 5th birthday. My brother was always sending me invites to come back and celebrate my niece’s birthday party but I wasn’t able to make it because I was busy with school. But the main reason was that I wasn’t ready to go back.

Sure, me and Asher broke things off real quick. But everyday since I left, I would always think about him or I would get dreams of him.

So I texted my brother back saying that I would attend. He replied back immediately saying he was happy that I was coming back but I reassured him I was only going to see my niece and I was coming straight back to New York.

I had ten minutes left of my break so I decided to use the bathroom and afterwards drink some water and have a little snack.

Once my break was over, I went back to work and helped out with the bartender with passing out drinks to the people sitting out on the bar.

My shift was coming to an end and I was cleaning glasses. I was talking to the bartender about life and we had some deep conversations.

I clocked out at 12:15 in the morning and proceeded to walk out in the dark.

I know I shouldn’t be walking out so late at night, but I usually get back to my apartment in five minutes. The only reason why I get there so fast is because I shift into my wolf and remain hidden so no humans will see me.

I was already in the back of my apartment building and I shifted back into my wolf and put back on my clothes.

I rushed inside and pressed the elevator to my floor but before the elevator doors can close, a hand came out of nowhere to stop the doors from closing. Great, I wonder who it could be.

Turns out it was the same werewolf that was in the elevator with me earlier today.

He closed the doors and waited for the elevator to reach my floor. Why isn’t he pressing the button to his floor. Ok something is up and I’m not liking it.

As soon as I heard the ding of the elevator doors opening I was speed walking to my door and sure enough I hear the guy following me.

That’s when I dropped my stuff, kicked it to the side and faced him.

I came at him full force and slammed him against the wall. From the look on his face he was shocked.

I had my hand around his neck and he put his hand around mines to stop me from choking him.

“Who are you, and why are you following me”, I growled.

He removed my hands and pinned me to the wall. From his strength I knew he was an Alpha.

" Well that is no way to greet me, I was following you because I smelled a rogue wolf in this building. I checked with all the packs here in New York if they had any members recently join their packs and there was none. So explain to me why you are roaming the streets rogue?“.

I felt my vision blur a little. “I came here five years ago, I left my pack to start a new life here, joining a pack didn’t seem to cross my mind when I got here”.

He let go of my neck and I started to cough after my breath was cut off for too long.

“Just please let me be, I’m not going to cause harm to you or your pack, I promise, I just want to live freely”.

“Fine I’ll leave you alone for now, but if I find you breaking that promise believe me, I’ll have you removed from this building and banned from coming back to New York”.

He walked away and I stood there trying to catch my breath.

I got my stuff and unlocked my door and locked it behind me.

Well, I didn’t expect an Alpha to be living in the same building as me.

I went to my room put my purse in my closet and tried to go to sleep.

I put in my wireless earphones and I listened to waterfalls and calming sounds to make me go to sleep. But I didn’t work, so I played some relaxing acoustic music and I was still having trouble going to sleep.

I disconnected my earphones and tried falling asleep.

Still nothing.

I stood up and watched some tv before I started to fall asleep.

I heard some bangs from across the hall. It’s probably the neighbors again.

So I closed my eyes and that’s when I heard my door burst open and I heard people coming in.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

I hid underneath my bed and barricaded myself with my shoeboxes so they wouldn’t think someone was underneath the bed.

My heart was beating so fast and I was sweating profusely.

Never in my life did I think I was going to get robbed while I was still in my apartment.

I heard more footsteps approach my door and they swung it open.

“I can smell the beast in this room, but I don’t know where she’s at”.

I was praying they wouldn’t look underneath the bed.I moved the boxes a little to see a guy looking around my room.He moved to my closet and was moving my clothes around to see if I was hiding in there.I slid my body out from underneath my bed so I can find my bat that’s hidden in my kitchen.

But, I was stopped from a guy coming out of the other room of my apartment.

I tried fighting him off but he got me and held a knife to my neck.He yelled at the guy who was in my room to come out.He came out and he couldn’t stop smiling.

“The boss is sure going to be happy, call the others out at front to get the van ready”.

The guy that was holding me shoved me and I fell on the ground.

He took out a phone and called somebody.

This was my chance so, I kicked the guy in front of me. I tried to make a run for it but I was tackled to the ground and I felt a sharp pain on my thigh and my forearm.

I looked down to see the a lot of blood leaking from thigh. My forearm was losing a lot of blood too.

The guy that stabbed me got punched by his buddy and I was starting to lose consciousness. They were arguing back and forth that I was supposed to be unharmed and the guy that stabbed me was explaining to his buddy that he didn’t want me to escape.

I glanced around the room and I tried to stay awake. Well my prayers were answered because I heard a lot of noise by the front of my apartment. I wished I knew who decided to save me but I blacked out.

5 hours later...

I woke up and I immediately knew I wasn’t back at my apartment. I was in a living room with the lights all dimmed. I glanced outside to see that it was already night time. I had a flannel blanket over my body and I moved to get up but I was in a lot of pain.

“Don’t move, stay on the couch.” I turn my head to see a woman emerge. She had long brown hair and she had a worried look on her face. I was on high alert and I tried to ignore what she said but she pinned me down. Just from smelling her scent I knew she was a Alpha or a Luna.

“Look, I’ll leave as soon as I’m better”. She laughed and sat across from me.

“No worries, my mate found you in a pool of blood and rushed you over here so I can tend to your wounds, I am surprised that you actually made it it alive. Not many wolves survive the wounds that you had”.

“In my previous pack , I was a daughter of a beta”.

She smiled, “That explains why you pulled through”.

I nodded and looked around the room. This place sure did look nice.′

“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t formally introduce myself, my name is Ruby Collins, I’m the future Luna of the main pack in New York City”.

She stretched out her hand to give me a handshake, I closed my hand around hers and smirked.

“Well my name is Mystic Raven, I’ve been a rogue for 5 years, I’m pretty sure your mate knows me already”.

“Yes, he mentioned you a couple of days ago. Well he is going to be back soon he had some pack business to deal with. So are you hungry or thirsty, I can make something for you while you wait”.

“Water and some toast with butter would be nice, I’m not that hungry”.

She made her way out of the living room and to the kitchen. She came back with a tall glass of water and put some toast in a toaster. A couple minutes later, she handed me a small plate with the toast covered in butter.

I ate all of the toast and watched a little bit of tv. Soon enough, I hear the front door open and close.

I see the guy that I encountered yesterday in the elevator. I bowed to him and he came closer to me.

He kissed the cheek of his mate and it slightly made me a little jealous. I got into my own thoughts and I was hating myself because I should of found my mate already. It is highly unlikely that a she wolf in her early twenties still doesn’t have a mate.

His mate sat next to him and held his hands. He introduced himself before told me some bad news that I didn’t expect to hear.

“Well, since we did meet yesterday, I didn’t introduce myself properly. My name is Ralph Steele, the Alpha of New York City’s Ironclaw pack. What is shocking to me is that you were just attacked by some hunters in your apartment”.

I was stunned, I lost my breath and it took me a while to process all of this.

“That can’t be right I was attacked by some rogues right, It has to be”.

“Well, I’m afraid not Mystic and because of this sudden attack, I need you to leave New York immediately”.

“Why you can’t just kick me out of New York, I can move to another city”.

“Mystic, I’m asking you to leave nicely because there has been a lot of activity in New York of these groups of hunters, I don’t know why they are here but I’m going to have my team investigate this incident. I am already doing so much to protect you as a rogue, it’s safer for you to go back to your pack, there is only so much that I could do to protect you”.

Now that I think about it, Ralph is right. I mean, Alphas do have limited power on rogues. I did trespass his territory for five years without being noticed.

So I agreed and decided to leave in a couple of days to return back home.

This was not the way I planned to go back home.

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