Falling for the Alpha

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5 days later...

I was in the food court of the airport and waiting on my Uber to arrive. I just ordered a ride so I went to McDonald’s to get some breakfast.

I ordered a sausage McMuffin, a side of hash brown and some coffee. I texted my brother that it will take me a while to get home since my driver was fourty minutes away.

I took a bite out of my sausage McMuffin and my hash brown. I clicked on the Uber app to see that there was a delay, the driver texted me that it would take an hour for him to get there since there was a lot of traffic heading in to the airport.

So I texted the driver back saying I can wait. I checked on my instagram to kill time.

I got a text from my brother. He texted me when I was coming home and I told him I would be home in a hour or later depending on traffic.

He called me and I answered.

“Yeah? Jason why are you calling me.”

“I sent Kendrick to pick you up at the airport, he’s close by anyways.”

“Oh, ok thanks for the ride.”

“By the way, since you are already there, can you get me an egg McMuffin combo from McDonald’s, Jessica wants the sausage McMuffin combo with coffee. Oh and can you get pancakes for Autumn, I’ll pay you when you get here.”

“Sure, I’ll text you when I’m there.”

“Alright, Bye.”


I hung up and I went back on Uber to cancel.

I got up and went back in line to order. I waited for like about five minutes before the food was ready.

I got a text from a random number and it was Kendrick.

He texted me saying he was outside the food court and he was parked at the front.

I walked outside to see him waving at me. I ran over to the car and he came out of the car to give me a hug.

“God, I definitely missed you. It was so lonely without you for five years”.

“Hey, I’m only going to be here temporarily. I don’t want to get your hopes up but as soon as the weekend is over I’ll be gone.”

Kendrick frowned. He is the one person I really missed.

“Hm, I beg to differ”, my wolf said.

I rolled my eyes. I told my wolf to shut up and Kendrick got a call.

He hung up, “Hey Mystic, we should get going the traffic is going to get much worse if we don’t leave now.”

I got my bags and I was going to put them in the trunk of the car but Kendrick, like the gentleman he is, offered to put them in the trunk for me. I opened the passenger side and waited for Kendrick.

I texted my brother saying that we were about to leave and that we should be at the pack house in about an hour or so.

I’m absolutely terrified of going back. What happens if I see him. I’m sure he’s moved on but in my heart I feel like he hasn’t.

Sure, we both rejected each other but I don’t know why I have feelings for him. We were mates. We were never friends, he hung out with his clique and I hung out with mine.

Kendrick came back in the car and he drove off.

He took my mind off Asher by talking about what was going on in the pack. I’m just happy that he hasn’t mentioned him yet.

We continued talking about random things.

Sooner or later we made it to the pack house. Oh my god, things did definitely change around here.

The first thing I noticed was that the pack house got so much bigger. It had a second floor and it was massive. What I also noticed was when we pulled in, there was apartment complexes, houses, a shopping center and a preschool for our pack members.

I’m amazed. I never expected our pack to expand so much. I’m sure Jason was behind this whole idea or...

“Your Mate”, my wolf whispered.
“God, you are annoying”, I whispered back. Before my wolf can say anything else, I shut her out.

Kendrick exited the car and went around to the trunk to get my things. I turned to my right and I saw everybody in the pack outside waiting.

I got flustered and exited the car. Kendrick had my bags in my hands and he told me that he will drop off my stuff. I thanked him and made my way over to the crowd.

As soon as I made my way over, everyone bowed. Then a bunch of them came over to me and shook my hand or gave me hugs. A lot of the pack members were thrilled that I returned home.
After each pack member said goodbye to me. I turned to see my parents.

My parents crushed me in kisses and hugs. I almost cried when I hugged them, I haven’t seen them in a long time. I felt guilty for not calling them as often as Jason. I will surely make it up to them.

“We missed you so much Sweetie, we are glad that your are back,” my mom said.

“Thanks mom, it was little lonely back in New York.”

“Everyone was so happy to see that you were back Mystic, some of the pack members kept asking me and your mother when you were going to come back”, my dad said.

“Well, guys I’m not going to be here for long, I’m only here to attend Autumn’s birthday party and I’ll be on my way.”

“Why, honey why can’t you stay for a couple of more days?“, my mom asked me.

I don’t want to stay here any longer because of him.

“Well, I want to go back to New York mom. I was offered a couple of internships to start my career and they are paid internships”.

“You lie”, my wolf whispered, “c’mon just tell your parents the truth, you don’t want to stay here because of Asher, I’m sure they will understand”.

I was getting more annoyed with her, I put a block on her voice.

Both of my parents had a disappointed look on their faces,“You know what, I’m going to go rest, it was long flight i’ll see you guys tomorrow”.

I gave a hug to both of them and went to the side of the pack house to see Kendrick on his phone. He lifted up his head and he waved.

“Hey, I’m going to show you to your new place but The Alpha wants to talk to you.” Once he said that i completely froze and I couldn’t breathe. I heard footsteps and i turned my attention to see Alpha Lenny, Asher’s Dad. I was so relieved it wasn’t Asher but I’m still a little tense.

“Mystic, Hey how are you?“. He gave me a big hug. I returned the hug and he released me.

“I’m good Lenny and you?“.

“I’m good, it is still a little weird to not be running this pack anymore since Asher took over when you left, my boy has done some great improvements to the pack”.

I stood there and nodded my head. Ugh this was making it more awkward.

“I’m sure he has Lenny, the pack looked so different when i arrived. Its crazy that it changed so much. Did Asher make the decision on making homes and apartments for the rest of the pack?“.

“Yes, that was his idea, he wanted our members to really have a home to live in rather than live in the pack house”.

Wow, i never thought he would actually built it for the members here in the pack. No other pack has done it. But he decided to make that change.

“I’m sorry Asher couldn’t make it for you arrival, he is tending to pack business. I’ll let him know you have arrived and he will welcome you back tomorrow morning. He will give you a tour around the pack and show you what new things are to be expected in the next couple of months and the following year”.

He waved goodbye to me and walked inside the pack house. Kendrick was at the same spot and he came up to me and wrapped one of his arms around mine.

“I’ll show you where you will be staying”, He walked me along a path that took five minutes and then we were in front of a White two story house. The front of the house was beautiful. It had a tiny garden with different flowers panted and a porch that had a white hammock. He got out some keys and opened the front door. He flicked on the lights and it was beautiful inside.

I turned my attention to the kitchen. The counters were white marble, the stove was stainless steel, the fridge was really nice too. The fridge even had a touch screen, which i have never seen before. There was a microwave, a coffee maker and a food processor.

I went to the living room to see it was decorated in black marble wallpaper. There was white couches with a bunch of fluffy white pillows. A 60 inch tv that was a smart tv, a fireplace was right below it. There was also a coffee table with magazines on it. I was dumbfounded.

I made my way upstairs with kendrick and he showed me my room. My jaw dropped to the floor. There was a King sized bed with Black silk sheets and a bunch of black pillows. There was a TV attatched to the wall and it was bigger than the one in the living room. There was a big closet to fit all of my things and a bathroom attached to this room.

Kendrick told me that Autumn’s birthday party is going to start tomorrow at 5 pm and that he will leave me so I can finally rest.

As soon as he left I put my suitcase in the closet and I started to unpack my things. I was putting away my shirts and jeans, when I heard some movement in my room. My wolf hearing was on high alert and I stopped what I was doing to hear any more noises and I heard more noises.

I heard my door open and some footsteps coming toward my direction. I hid in the corner and waited to see who was sneaking into my room. My claws had popped out so I was ready to slash whoever is trying to scare me. My wolf took over and she was ready to attack.

I saw a black figure come into the closet and that was when I attacked. I slashed my claws on their face and I had my hands around the throat choking them.

As soon as I made contact with their skin, my whole body shivered and I already knew exactly who it was.

I turned on the light and there was Asher lying on the floor with scratch marks on his face with lots of blood dripping down on the floor.

“That’s not how you greet your Alpha, Mystic”, he growled. My wolf was going crazy and I was terrified.

“Well, don’t come in here trying to scare me, I didn’t know who you were”. My heart was pounding like crazy and I could not breathe.

He got up and using his Alpha speed pinned me to the wall. He got my arms and pinned them at my sides. I was shaking. His green eyes had me mesmerized as he stared back at me. He sniffed my neck and at this point I wasn’t in control anymore, my wolf took over again. He licked a certain spot on my neck and I moaned. He was kissing my neck and touching me all over. Then he made things worse by claiming my lips and I kissed back with hunger.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. I jumped on him and wrapped my legs around his waist. He started to walk back to my bedroom and threw me on the bed harshly, my whole body was excited. He climbed on top of me and we were making out for a long time. We finally decided to stop and he held me against his chest and wrapped his arms around my stomach.

He nibbled on my ear and placed kisses down my neck again.

“I missed you so much Mystic, you don’t know how much I wanted to see you everyday once you left”. He kissed my jaw and I froze.

He got on top of me once again, “I should of never let you go, I was stupid of rejecting you”. He kissed me softly on the lips and I moved away.

“Don’t say what you don’t mean Asher”. I wrapped my arms around myself and avoided looking at him.

“I mean it Mystic, I truly do regret rejecting our bond”. He tried comforting me by holding me again but I turned to him.

“You are lying, you are just saying that so we can be together now that you are Alpha, it’s not going to work on me not now or ever”.

I was so angry. I felt my throat starting to close up.

“We will talk tomorrow, I’ll leave you to rest”.

He left the room and out the house. I cried as soon as I left. I don’t know why I did, I have this feeling that something is not right. Why confess to me now then before, I don’t get it. I’m crying because even though I don’t want to admit it but I do love him and I shouldn’t feel this way but I do.

There is definitely something wrong with both me and Asher. If he just admitted that he regrets rejecting me, do we still have a bond?

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