Falling for the Alpha

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I woke up and took a quick shower. I brushed my teeth quickly then I washed my face. I decided to put on some makeup today. I applied a brown eyeshadow on my eyelid then blended it out with a brush. I put on some mascara and a lip tint on my lips. I then put bronzer on my cheeks along with a gold highlight.

I finished off my face with a setting spray and I leave the bathroom. I then put my clothes on. Today I’m wearing a white lace off the shoulder top with dark blue jeans and some white sandals. I got my white cat eye sunglasses out of my suitcase because it was sunny outside and I decided to wear my favorite diamond stud earrings on today.

I went outside and locked the front door of the house. I walked along a trail until I got to the front of the pack house. Pack members were piling themselves inside. There was sign out front saying that breakfast was going to be served soon.

I got excited and I joined the rest of the pack members waiting for breakfast to be served.

I chatted with some of the pack members and they told me of what has changed since I left.

Now the pack has a cafeteria to serve the pack members daily. A lot of the members say it’s better because they have to buy groceries to cook for their families, they can just walk to the pack house to eat lunch or dinner.

I saw the doors open and there was a buffet for everybody There was a section for members who were vegan or vegetarian. A buffet of waffles, pancakes, and French toast. Another section of the cafeteria had a luxurious coffee machine along with other beverages. It was all so amazing. I grabbed a plate and walked around to get food.

I ended up getting French toast with bacon, eggs, sausage. I got a smaller plate for an omelet and some hash browns. I got a cup of coffee and a glass of water. I sat with some of the members and talked to them until I was finished. I picked up my plates and cups and put in in an area where the rest of the dirty dishes were at.

As soon as I turned around I saw Asher walking in and greeting the members around the buffets.

He looked up and spotted me right away.
He came over to me and I bowed.

“Mystic, you don’t have to do that, you still have a rank in this pack”, he said.

“Asher, you are the Alpha, I have to bow no matter what”, I responded.

He looked disappointed and he offered me his hand. I just stared at him. I noticed some people were looking over at us.

“Didn’t my dad tell you, that I was going to give you a tour of the pack?“.

“Yeah, I forgot”.

I grabbed his hand and he took me outside the pack house.

“Well, since you are back I don’t know if you could tell but a lot of things have changed since you left”.

He pointed to the pack house, “I had upgraded the pack house a couple of years ago when you left so, now there are three stories instead of one. I’ve added a cafeteria to the pack house so now members can get free meals all day”.

We then walked everywhere in the pack. He showed me the houses, apartments and condominiums of the pack. The members don’t have to pay anything when it came to rent or mortgage. He then showed me the shopping center that we had and it was beautiful. There were a couple of boutiques and markets that were installed here. There were also restaurants, the pack was its own city.

I checked my phone and I got a text from Jason. He texted me saying that him and Jessica wanted my help to set up the decorations for Autumn’s birthday party.

Asher then finished the tour and told me I could go to meet up with Jason. He told me had to finish some stuff at his office.

I went back to the pack house to see Jessica waiting for me. She gave me a hug and asked how I was. We walked to the back of the pack house to see wooden tables all around. There were my little pony centerpieces on the tables.

My job was to hang up some lights. As soon as I was done I helped out with Jessica putting napkins, plates and setting up a table for the gift bags for the kids.

Soon enough I saw pack members arriving along with their kids. I greeted them and took the presents they got for Autumn and I put them on a separate table. Jessica called me over and she was carrying a cake. I rushed over and helped her out, we both placed the heavy cake on a small table that had a pink sparkly tablecloth over it.

The cake is so cute. It was a pink Ombre cake with pictures of my little pony characters.

After, I got some food from the little buffet that they had set up and I sat with Jessica, Jason and Autumn.

Autumn ate her food quickly and ran over to her little group of friends. Man, Autumn grew up so fast, I didn’t even get to hold her when she was a baby.

That’s one of the things I regret when I left, not seeing my niece grow up.

When I finished my food, I kept talking to both Jason and Jessica. They were filling me in on what I missed out since I left and they were both happy as well to see me again. They thought I wouldn’t show up today.

But I told them I wouldn’t miss out my nieces’ birthday party. I missed all those opportunities of getting to see her.

I excused myself and I went to get a glass of wine. I found a bench that was a little bit isolated from the party. I decided rest on it and I just look from afar the rest of the pack members mingle and the kids play around and having a good time.

It made me think of having a kid at one point. I don’t want any kids because I feel like I will never adapt to being a parent but another side of me thinks that I’ll do just fine being a mother.

I looked over to see Autumn bouncing around in the pink colored jumper that was set up for the kids. Then all of a sudden, I saw her immediately stop and run out of the jumper to hug a woman.

I wonder who she was. The woman hugged her back. She had long blonde hair and she was short. She wore a peach maxi dress and she looked beautiful.

My heart stopped as I saw Asher come up from behind. He hugged her and gave her a kiss on the lips.

I stood there frozen on the bench. I need to get out of here but I can’t move.

She kissed him back and I noticed the very noticeable big ring on her finger. As soon as I got a good look on her face, I wanted to throw up.

That woman was the one who despised me throughout elementary, middle, and high school. The one is now engaged to my ex-mate. The one and only Stella Michaels.

I forgot all about her, never expected her to still be here. But I mean she and her parents are one of the wealthiest families to live among the pack, right behind my family and Asher’s.

Her and Asher are a perfect match.

I have to leave now. I can’t stay here knowing that Asher lied saying that he loves me the other night and it’s more fucked up that I love him even though we both rejected each other.

What the fuck is going on, why am I being punished. I should not be having these feelings towards Asher but I still do.

I got up and ran back to the house I was staying at.

I can’t bear to see what I saw anymore.

I unlocked the front door and I crashed on the couch. I put the wine glass on the coffee table and I sunk into the couch.

I need to call Ralph, see if I can come back tonight. I need to get the fuck out of this place. Everyone will be disappointed but I knew some shit was going to happen but I didn’t listen.

I called Ralph and he answered.

“Hey Mystic, how are you why are you calling me so late”.

“Hey, sorry to bother you Ralph but I was wondering if I’m clear to go back to New York by tomorrow morning”.

“Sorry to tell you this but, it is still not safe to come back. Me and my team are still investigating what’s going on we haven’t found any evidence on who broke into your apartment”.

I wanted to beg and scream at Ralph to tell him that I didn’t matter if I was in danger I wanted to come back and forget everything. But I can’t.

I told Ralph to update me and I said goodnight to him.

I went into the kitchen and poured some more wine until I was so drunk that I was laughing like an idiot. I was fucking screaming and yelling and cursing at the fucking wall.

I guess someone heard me yelling and I turned around to see Asher standing there concerned.

I look right at him and I hiccupped.

“Oh, it’s fucking you...hahahah.... what the fuck are you doing here huh!“. I was wheezing and yelling at nothing.

" I came here to see what was all the noise coming from, are you drunk Mystic”.

I giggled, “Oh me drunk”, I smiled and I got closer to him. I grabbed his shirt and I started to tug on it.

“Nah, I’m quite good you know Asher, it’s not like I fucking saw you and Stella having your moment even though the other night you confessed you have some feelings for me”.

I stared to punch him on the stomach. “You know what, my sober ass is never going to admit it but I have feelings for you too, it just sucks that now that I found out about your fiancée.”

I drank the last bit of the wine from my glass and I smash the wine glass across the room.

“I thought that there was a slight chance that we can be something, we were never friends but I was willing to get to know you better. But no, I want to leave and to never come back”.

I sloppily ran up the stairs and I was so close to getting to top of the stairs but I blacked out on the floor. All I remember was laying on my back and seeing Asher reach down to grab me. Then I passed out.

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