Falling for the Alpha

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I woke up in my bed and I got up so quick but I instantly regretted it because my head was killing me and I felt the room spin.

Shit I drank too much wine last night and I got a bad hangover.

The only bad thing is I don’t remember anything of what happened last night; other than remembering the last memory I had, which was when I was talking to Jessica and Jason.

I went downstairs to see if there was medicine to cure my hangover and I found some Asprin tablets. I took two and downed it with a glass of water.

I wen back upstairs and just chilled in my room. I was not in the mood to do anything I was slightly nauseous from all the drinking I did yesterday.

I’ll wait for a few hours before I can stomach anything.

I turned on the TV, and switched it to Netflix.

I was binging Orange is the New black when I got a text from my brother.

He wanted to know where I went since I left the party so abruptly.

I texted him saying that I had too much to drink and I was just going to rest all day today. Well, that all changed when my brother came. He had his own key to this house and he stomped his way to where I was at.

I just ignored him, I already know what he was going to say.

“Hello, Mystic”, he waved his arms in front of me. I paused the show and tucked myself with the cozy blanket that i had.

“What do you want Jason, I just told you I was going to rest all day today, I’m not in the mood to go out”.

“Why what happened with you last night, first you were sitting with me and Jessica. Then you disappeared after that?“.

“Well, I wish i can tell you what happened but I honestly cannot remember anything after I talked with both you and Jessica”.

“Hmm, ok. Well i also came by to tell you that Jessica misses being around you and she wants to know if you are up to going shopping with her this weekend and to hangout at our place”.

I sure can use some company, “Yeah sure, can you give me her number, i keep forgetting to ask you”.

“Yeah, sure”. he showed me her contact info and i texted her right away. I told her that i was down to go shopping with her this weekend.

“Alright I’ll leave you alone, I know hangovers are rough, text me if you need anything or Ken, he’s not doing anything right now”.

I waved to him goodbye and he left. I locked the door behind him and went back to watching my show. I was eating a turkey club sandwich with some chips and water before my body decided to take a nap on the couch.

This couch was really comfy. But my sleep was interrupted when I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I groaned and rested on my stomach before i felt another tap on my shoulder. I ignored it but then I heard his voice whisper my name.

“Mystic, are you alright?“, after hearing whose voice it was I woke up.

I wrapped my blanket around myself and looked up at him.

Well damn, he looks so gorgeous standing in front of me.

“What do you want Asher, you interrupted my nap?“.

“I just wanted to make sure you were okay from last night, you passed out drunk after yelling and throwing a glass at me last night”, he said.
I looked at him confused but then, my memories came back from last night.

I got so drunk last night after seeing Asher with Stella last night and I confessed my love for him.

I sunked into the couch embarrassed after I realized what I said to him last night.

“You know then?“, I said.

“Yep, but why were you so mad at me?“.

I got mad again, “Well before you came here last night, I saw you with someone when you greeted Autumn at the Jumper”.
He froze and I continued, “I should of expected it but I was shocked to see you are with Stella and it was stupid of me to confess my feeling to you when obviously you are in a relationship with someone Alpha”.

His face changed, he winced when I mentioned his title. “Mystic, I...“, he whispered.

But I got up and made my way around the couch so I couldn’t face him when I talked.

“No, no it’s fine. I’m positive she is going to be the next Luna since I spotted the huge engagement ring on her ring finger. So please just go Asher I don’t want to be in the middle between you and Stella. Just do this for the both of us”.

Asher tried to say something to me but I stopped him.

“Honestly Alpha, you have bad timing. Why wait until I left to confess to me that you had feelings of me. You are confusing me, you say you want to be with me but yet you are engaged, I don’t get it at all”. I was tearing up and I felt so weak. Asher has never seen me cry and I felt so vulnerable.

I looked up at his face and I could of sworn I saw a tear escape his eye.

“For the sake of the both of us and Stella, please just leave and be with her. Don’t visit me again. I’ll be there when we have pack meetings or whatever but we cannot have a relationship. One last thing, I ask of you is to never mention to anyone,even your dad, that we were mates and that we had a bond. Got it?“, I said.

He nodded. I saw his fists clench and he was breathing really hard.

“If that’s what you want then so be it. I will respect your decision. Goodbye, Mystic”.

He walked out and slammed the door. I took my blanket from the couch and went back into my room and slept the whole day.

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