On The Turn

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The River

A man runs after a girl as she escapes.

"Leave me alone!" She says in their tribal language.

A cliff is up ahead and she swiftly jumps over it landing on the other side with ease.

"Not fair!" The man shouts cheerfully.

"Come and catch me." She teases.

The man went forward and saw how deep it was so instead used a shortcut.

The girl climbed up a tree and saw him running tirelessly.

She rolled her eyes and jumped in front of him.

The man moved forward and admired her natural beauty and grabbed her.

"Caught you." He whispered in her ear, making her shiver.

She pushed him away and ran towards a river and jumped in it.

"Come here, it's warm."

"You play hard to get my love."

He takes off his loin cloth and jumps in.

The girl looks up to the sky noticing a slight change and narrows her eyes.

"I never thought this arranged marriage would be like this afterwards." The man said caressing and kissing.

"So young..." He said between breaths. "...and mine alone."

The girl stiffens.

"Thokozani..." He ignored her and continued with his facade. "Thokozani stop!" She shouted.

Thokozani growled and stops forcefully.

"I heard something, it's nearing this direction." The girl said as she stood up and Thokozani followed.

"This must be something or someone trying to interrupt us again." Thokozani complained.

As she moved forward multiple hands from the river grabbed on to Thokozani's legs, dragging him down and scrapping his skin off as he cried in agonising pain, being pulled into the bloody river.

Horrified, the girl began to run.

The sky grew dark and the heavens poured.

People running into their homes as a great wind was wiping out their houses, killing them as the twisting wind sucked them in leaving their bones behind.

The girl sees her family, she runs as fast as she can to reach up to them, but she's too late.

"Mother!" She cries as they disappear.

She mourns and cries, her cries echoing among the dead village.

An eerie breeze started blowing.

"Agnes!!" She hears from behind her.

She turns and it suddenly becomes dark.

"Agnes...Follow my voice, come to me." It said.

Unknowingly Agnes walks slowly towards the river, her bare feet almost not touching the ground.

"Come to me...Come to me..." Multiple voices chant as Agnes steps into the river.

A number of arms grab onto her body and pull her in.

"Agnes!" Another voice calls.

"Agnes! Wake up! Wake up!" Thokozani calls out and her eyes flutter slightly.

Agnes groans and coughs as she looks up, wet to the bone.

"Agnes what are you doing here by the river again?!" Thokozani complained.

"Do you want to kill yourself before we marry tomorrow? Am I not to your liking?" He said a little quieter now, knowing that the rest of the villagers were asleep.

"I...You..." She stammered between shivers.

Thokozani immediately carries her wet body to his home and dries her to bed.

He kisses her lightly on her forehead and walks to his veranda.

"This is now the end to all this, I'll have to do something somehow and inform her mother about her worsening condition." He says internally.


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