On The Turn

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"I have prepared for your dowry amount mother, since both my parents are not around...it will be brought to you later in the day." Thokozani says politely.

"That's not a problem my son." Agnes' mother says.

"I'll leave you two now." She says as she leaves.

A satisfying silence occupies the room.

Thokozani ogles on Agnes, who was busy clearing up the table.

"Agnes..." He calls.

"Yes Thokozani?"

"Come here."

She obeys and walks to where Thokozani is sitted and kneels down as a sign of respect.

"Who am I?" He asks out of nowhere.

Agnes shocked replies. "You're my husband, Thokozani."

"Who am I?" He asks again.

As she was thinking of what to say, Agnes was grabbed by the waist and carried to the bedroom.

The house was owned by a white man who died during a war.

The bedroom with its old white walls was decorated with a villager's taste.

A small table was placed at the far corner near the open window next to the big bed.

An old reed mat was put in the middle of the room.

A broken mirror which was left behind was pushed in front of the room.

"Who am I?"

"Thokozani, leave me." Agnes says in a mere whisper.

"Like you said before I'm your husband am I not?" He says playing with Agnes' ear as he was on top of her.

"Yes." She mumbles.

Thokozani scratches on her skin, making Agnes scream.

"Say it."

"You're my husband."

"Good, now close the window and lock the door." He commands.

As Agnes was standing up her sleeveless top was starting to expose her top body.

"Leave it." Thokozani says as she tries to pull it back up.

As young as she was this was all new to her.

She did as she was told and stood.

"Come here my love, don't be shy."

She goes closer to him and returns to her previous position.

"This is only the beginning."


Three months later

Agnes runs out of the bedroom stained with blood on her legs.

"Agnes!...Agnes come here!" Thokozani yells from the door barely dressed.

Agnes runs for the door and finds it locked. She finds a knife on the table and grabs it.

Thokozani stands proud in front of her. His eyes red and swollen.

"Give that to me." He says and Agnes refuses as they circle around each other.

Thokozani grabs the knife and stabs it on her protruding belly which was carrying their baby.

Agnes screams in agony and sits up on the bed.

"Agnes my love what is it now?"

"You killed my baby!" She cries and shouts, slapping him. "You killed my baby!"

"Agnes stop." But she continued. "Agnes!" He shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Agnes our baby's fine, see..." He kisses on her belly. "She'll be mighty and strong just like her father and beautiful like her mother.

"It's a girl?" She asks.

"It can be both genders."

Agnes touches her tummy and senses life in it and smiles with tears in her eyes.

"My baby." She whispers.

Thokozani smiles, kisses on her forehead and goes back to sleep.



"The next territory to occupy is this one." A white man says, pointing, obviously the General.

"The one next to the river?" One soldier with a Russian accent asked.

"No...the one next to the mountains...of course it's the one next to the river! Are you blind?"

"No sir."

"Then shut up!" He spat on his face.

"As with orders the government wants to build a new city, and we've been given the privilege of checking whether it's safe or not."

"But people live there." A black soldier says.

"So what?!" The General shouts making him stay quiet but with anger in his eyes.

"Exactly...tomorrow we move out." He says as he leaves the Base room

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