On The Turn

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The moon and stars gleam in the night sky as the small village with it's exultant state, set up a fire in it's interior.

The women prepare meals for their loved ones. Children dance and sing around the fire as their grandparents tell them stories.

The men usually come back at around this time, as they were busy working for their livelihood.

Agnes sits at the front of the door looking up into the sky as she touched her gravidness.

"Lost in thought?" Agnes' mother says as she sits next to her.

"I'm just wondering how this baby, my baby, will come into this world."

Her mother's eyes, filled with excitement looked at her daughter.

"It will be alright, remember Nthanda?"

Agnes nodded as a reply.

"She too was pregnant, and she's only a year older than you, she has three children, you should go ask her for some advice."

"What of you mother?"

The old woman looked away and smiled.

Agnes noticed her uneasiness and changed the subject.

"Mother, why is my name Agnes?"

"Your father gave you that name, why is it of concern now?"

"Nothing important...what does it mean?"

Her mother only shrugged.

"I don't know, sorry..."

Agnes furrowed her eyes and looks up again.

"It means pure..." A familiar male voice said.

"Thokozani..." Agnes and her mother stand up. "You're back."

"Yes I am."

He gave his wife the items he brought, fresh fish and seeds.

"Your food is ready, it's in the sitting area." Agnes says as she enters the house and Thokozani nodded.

"How was work my son?"

"It was sluggish, but we managed to get some fish enough for this month."

"Excellent..." She says. "I'll be leaving now."

"Sleep well." Thokozani said.


Thokozani eats with satisfaction and stays at his current position.

Agnes clears the table and cleans the used items.

"Agnes my love, come here."

Agnes barely dressed kneels in front of him.

"Tomorrow we're going by the river."

"What for?"

"To have some quality time and know each other better."

Agnes nods and smiles.

"Have you taken your prescribed medications?" Thokozani asks.

"Yes, both of them."

"Good, at least I had some peaceful sleep in the last five days." He jokes.

"Thank you." Agnes says with deep gratitude. For if it weren't for Thokozani to find her medication, she would have been worse.

"You're welcome, now let's go to bed, your tasty meal has made me sleepy."


Agnes is now five months pregnant.

She walks with Thokozani to the river and find a spot to settle.

"So tell me..." Thokozani starts. "When you first saw me, what were your thoughts?...And be honest."

Agnes smiles shyly and looks at one of the women washing her clothes.

"I thought you looked old."

And with that reply Thokozani burst on laughing, alarming the women.

"I am only ten years older than you to be exact, don't I look young for my age?" He smirked making Agnes laugh.

"Now it's your turn, ask me."

Agnes closed her eyes and played with her fingers.

"I feel sorry for you."

"Why?" He asks.

"You're all alone, no family...what happened?"

Thokozani smiles at her innocence.

"The one thing I love about you Agnes is that you're very honest, and beautiful, and smart, and also, naive." He starts.

"I was left alone, that's it." He says.

"By who?"

Thokozani sighs and holds her hand.

"I ha-..."

He was cut off with loud cries and a gunshot.

One of the women were shot dead and fell into the river.

The rest scatter and scream as another gunshot was fired killing another one.

"Agnes let's go... quickly."

She struggled to stand up, making Thokozani carry her in a bridal fashion.

They reached their home in less than twenty minutes and found troops wandering about and ravaging the village.

"Stay inside." He commands.

"Stay with me." She whispers.

Thokozani kissed her on the forehead and ran outside.

The troops began snatching away all belongings and people, chaining them and forcing them into vans.

Thokozani was struck with anger.

He went to the nearest soldier and punched him on the face, leaving him unconscious.

He got the soldier's gun and hit it on the next one.

A few troops went in to stop him.

As they were fighting, Agnes was being dragged out of the house by two troops.

"Leave me! Leave me!" She shouted as she kicked and punched, only getting beaten by the process.

Thokozani saw what was happening and rage filled up in him.

She was too far away but he still ran.

They pushed her into a van full of the rest of the villagers, not caring about her pregnancy and started the engine.

"Agnes!!!" He cries.

That was the first time he cried in a long time.

He falls down in agony and hits the ground with anger.

Four troops rush to get him, and Thokozani didn't care.

As he was dragged to the next van, he noticed a familiar face.



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