The Trios Claim

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IMPORTANT:-If you have issues with a woman being intimate with more than one man than feel free to swipe past this book. This Book is a REVERSE HAREM "I can't do this, please try to understand, I am a married woman" I cried out in front of them. I didn't wish to be anywhere near these three men. They destroyed it all and still, they wanted me. The dark look Ivor was giving me made me wish that I was never born, he was the cruellest, the things he had done to me, no I won't cry in front of them. Lorcan and Vlad were no less. Lorcan came behind me and clasped my waist, from the smell that filled the air I could tell it was Lorcan " You Keegan, belong to us three now and you don't need your old husband when you are going to have three new husbands" he whispered in my ears making me clamp my thighs together. I couldn't help but moan, the twitching down there just won't stop "Keegan, do not ever deny us or from next time there would be consequences," Ivor gritted while caressing my cheeks "I so want you to mess this up baby so that I can show you, what I want to do with you," Vlad said kissing my throat making me quiver I don't know when they stripped me out of my dress but the next thing I knew was, I was moaning and screaming their names, after all, I was their claim

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Keegan Mathews, a high school teacher, with everything planned about her future never knew her one mistake would land her in the hands of the three most dangerous men to ever exist

Lorcan Windsor born in a Royal family had all the luxury and wealth but no one knew the secret he was hiding behind the facade of a rich businessman other than his best friend and enemy; Ivor O'Malley and Vlad Oblonsky

Ivor O'Malley was the best friend of the two powerful men who had enmity in their blood for each other. What will he do when he comes to know two of his best friends are behind the same woman he is ??

Vlad Oblonsky was a mysterious man, he liked to keep it all private. He was the most feared man in Russia with only one enemy, Lorcan Windsor. What will he do when he comes to know his enemy and best friend are obsessed with the same woman he has his eyes on ??

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