Wish For Death

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When you make wish over and over and then one day it comes true' what'll you do on that day?Well for someone who wish themself dead, getting your wish granted isn't a great thing.The cost is high and risks are there so wish wisely and be careful for what you ask for.

Other / Fantasy
Ganesh Bani
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The Wish

In a world of trouble and stress, there are bound to be those who get caught in this agonising and painful place and those who ignore the world for what it is.

It is a cruel place where you either die, get killed or kill yourself.

It isn't a kind place and most definitely not a place for the faintest of hearts.

I am Jones, Joseph Jones, and sadly but sure I learned this terrible truth the hard way.

I had the best life ever; a great girlfriend, lots of money, loving family relationship, awesome friends and coolest house but unfortunately none of them lasted.

My girlfriend left me for my best friend and the fight I had with my best friend made me grow bitter and with that growth I lost more friends and my family's love. It turns out they were amm after my money or so I thought.

They weren't after nothing of mine except my attention and care. I was too self centered and didn't care about them enough. All I cared about was my money and what I earned with it.

The sadness of loosing the best life ever made my mind go haywire and I became extremely depressed. I rarely ate, I didn't speak to anyone, I stayed home, I ignored anyone who would dare say something to me. Basically I took myself out of everyone's lives. It was then that I made my wish, the wish of death.

"Oh God from up above, I wish I was dead just to stop feeling this pain," I prayed for day after day till one day I heard a random voice say,

"So be it."

What happened next was one of the weirdest things ever to happen to me.

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