Box of Tears

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Box of Tears

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Chapter 1

There are six families, which were started by Andromeda’s six daughters. A thousand years ago, a powerful witch named Andromeda fell in love with a beautiful man she married and gave herself body and soul to, her name was Damon, despite looking good and generous, in fact he was a man without character and vile who even rich and powerful always wanted more. Taken by passion Andromeda told Damon her biggest secret, which she kept under lock and key, as she was taught by her mother to never trust, especially any man, they were ignorant and only served their own interests, but at that moment her heart did not care for the reason of the teachings he received in childhood, he would do everything for him, his love was very strong as he believed his was, he left his family for him and together they started a new story, soon he started using it to earn more money, but even so her eyes still lit up when she heard his name. Andromeda became so famous as a seer and healer that even the king himself wanted to meet her. Over time, the king started using her to predict enemies and win wars. Everything she foresaw was going on, the king liked her very much and wanted having her around so she and her husband went to live in the palace with the king and their two sons Matheus with seven years and Robert with twenty-one, with time Robert fell in love with Andromeda but she loved her husband and did not return his love . Andromeda and Damon living in the palace frequented the highest circles of society becoming even more wealthy and well-known, and so Damon met Lizandra. She was a very rich and seductive woman, her husband was a merchant who traveled a lot and spent a lot of time away from home, in a short time a romance started between them. Andromeda began to notice that he spent a lot of time away from home and arrived very late, he appeared with clothes and jewelry that she had not given him and treated her coldly and she knew there was something wrong. Andromeda when looking at her own future she saw something that horrified her, she saw a big black spot, a great suffering in her future, it left her breathless, despite being sad and anguished she accepted Robert’s invitation to dinner, she knew that the prince liked her very much, but did not notice it, the prince seeing her suffering wanted to know what was happening.

Tell me what makes you suffer so much. - Andromeda’s voice was tortured when she told about the stain in her future.

What will happen so that in my future there is so much pain? - she was desolate and it broke the young prince’s heart.

He who didn’t like Damon was sure that he would be the cause of so much suffering. He wandered the halls of the palace looking for information until he confirmed Damon’s betrayal, he had heard rumors like these before, but he had no evidence. The prince, without thinking about the consequences of his act, ran to tell what he had discovered to Andromeda, he had known for a long time that she practiced magic, but that didn’t change who she was for him. when she knew she fell ill for days, in her bed she cried, mainly for the choices she had made. At that time Damon was traveling in a marriage with the king and some of his friends, all love was over, he had no more respect, now he only had a feeling .... As a universal characteristic, witches when provoked become cruel women and vindictive and Andromeda was no different.

He remembered everything his mother had said and was right, now he would only give his heart to whoever deserved it.

And for him she waited ...

A few days later he and the king returned from their hunt, when a gust of wind entered their rooms and the candles lit up, illuminating the room, when he got used to the light he saw Andromeda with a glass.

Do you drink? - she ignored him for some time while taking a sip of her wine.

want some? She pointed to her glass.

Her voice was sweeter than usual, but she didn’t see any reason to suspect anything was happening.

He went to her and kissed her lips, her mouth tasted delicious of wine, he missed those lips.

Of course, my love - He took off his shirt and threw it in a corner of the room - I missed you.

She looked different, her clothes changed, she looked more sensual and attractive than normal, she looked more like when they first met.


When he passed him he smelled her and it made her even colder inside.

After putting the drinks in, he took out of his clothes a small crystal bottle that contained a red liquid, and dropped a droplet into the glass that was diluted in the drink.

Here love.

Damon looked at her more closely, his tattoos stood out on his bare skin, that was not normal, they covered almost his entire body, but he never said what they meant.

He took all the drink from his glass. Meanwhile Andromeda sat on the bed keeping the doors locked.

So ... How is she?


Getting up, she walked slowly around him. Running your fingertips over your bare skin, leaving goosebumps. She made him sit and walked away a little.

I smell it on you.

Her words fell like a bomb, she came back to your side

Lizandra- Andromeda highlighted each syllable as if sharpening a dagger while stroking her bare back and whispering in her ear-no and that is her name?

Damon stood up and was very nervous as he strolled around the room.

What are you talking about? Are you crazy woman?

She prostrated herself in front of him as he started to sweat.

I have never been more lucid.

Andromeda saw his expression change, Damon suddenly felt inside that she knew about his affair with Lizandra, tried to think of excuses, but she knew what he was thinking. She didn’t want any explanation as to why he hadn’t felt even a percent of his hatred. Still.

She lay down to watch his agony more comfortably, pleasure pulsed inside her like a current of energy and it left her ecstatic but she knew in some deep part of her being that it was wrong.

In the next second he was writhing on the floor, his body burned was a pain he had never felt before, he wanted to scream, but his voice did not come out Andromeda prevented him from screaming.

Did you really think you could play with me? -She sat down and looked at her agony-I will never be subdued by any man, much less by you, without me you were nothing and now I realized that you are still nothing.

Some time after seeing Damon arrive the prince for the first time he thought about the consequences of his actions, he was terrified of himself, he ran to Andromeda’s room passing several guards who seemed very surprised to see his prince running, with his body overwhelmed by him. he opened the doors and entered the room without warning and found Damon writhing in pain on the floor while Andromeda sat on his bed with her eyes sparkling with fury, that look startled him to the point of making him waver, the guards who followed the prince they dropped to their knees because they were not supposed to interfere.

Days passed.

Weeks passed.

With the disappearance of Damon the court was excited, after a few days of rumored searches surrounded the palace, said that Andromeda practiced black magic and that in one of these rituals she had killed him or that he had run away with a possible lover.

Matheus passed in front of his brother’s room and then he heard shouting, he heard in addition to Robert he heard his father, who seemed desperate.

... Dad, you can’t kill her.

I have no choice - he paced from side to side - as king I have to make difficult choices for the good of our people.

Matheus was shocked, who should die?

The king suddenly stopped in front of his son.

only have one choice - he put his hands on her shoulders - send her away.

Robert almost did not believe what he heard, did not expect this idea from the king.

Help her to escape? - the idea radiated inside him like a light at the end of the tunnel.

Yes- he breathed a sigh of relief- warn her that the fire will be condemned tomorrow. Send her back to the family.

At the same moment he ran out badly, giving Matheus time to hide, and stopped in front of the door.

Dad, why did you have mercy on her?

Why ...- the king sighed- I saw this love once, while looking in the mirror every day I spent with his mother, - he sat looking more tired than usual- I know how much it hurts to lose- at least you know they’ll be alive.

She was amazed at the king’s kindness, Andromeda knew she would have to flee and it would have to be soon, but the prince wanted to go with her, but he feared for his life.

You will not Robert, and very dangerous.

I know, but I want to be with you, forever.

He seemed determined, he wouldn’t be able to see her leave, he was sure that if she did, he would take his heart with her, rather he with her rather than with him, he should stay with whoever belonged to him.

She hesitated for a second. I didn’t want to deceive him, it would be wrong to play with his feelings like that.

I know and but we can’t be together now.

Robert didn’t want to let her go.

Andy how am I going to talk to you?

After thinking for a second Andromeda from the head of her bed, she took a candle whose flame was black and handed it to him.

Write to me and burn the letter in the candle flame, when you least expect it you will find a letter of mine under your pillows.

But before leaving she turned to him and kissed him, everything she felt for him was different and grew stronger and stronger, so she disappeared through one of the secret passages in the palace.

Lizandra spread horrendous rumors about Andromeda in the court spreading hatred and fear, few believed, yet she was chased much of the way home.


Years went by and every time Robert burned a letter in the candle flame the next morning he found an answer, but the prince’s health only worsened with time. An evil from a distant place was consuming him, but he didn’t want to worry her, until the day Andromeda received what could be his last letter.

" Andy

I am very sick, the disease consumes me slowly and painfully, I know that you cannot return, but I wish you were here. The doctors don’t know what I have and none of them can cure me, I wanted you to know that my love for you remains intact and the same way, well not the same way, it grows more each day.


That Andromeda could not bear it, she would not leave him again, contrary to her brothers the next day she left to meet her prince, in two days she was already going through the secret passages of the palace in search of his room, and in a matter of minutes she entered her lover’s room. Upon entering he could feel death around the bed, he slept, spent a few hours beside him until he woke up, when he saw Andromeda her eyes lit up.

Andy you came.- he tried to get up only he seemed to have no more strength and fell back on the bed.

Andromeda ran and stood beside him, doing a spell to relieve the pain, making him a little more comfortable, his eyes had dark circles under their eyes and had lost all the shine they had before.

Don’t get up, please.

I thought I would never see you again.

Oh! My prince, what’s wrong with you?

I’m dying, but nobody knows what I have. - He smiled, that hadn’t changed, still trying to hide it to make her happy.

Matheus who entered the room, was now 11 years old, was listening to the conversation and it was his voice that they heard.

Andy, can’t you do anything?

They were startled by the sudden entry of the little prince, who was no longer so small, looking at him saw how much time had passed, a long time.

Andromeda, who loved the little prince, let him sit beside her.

Can’t you do anything? - he had swollen eyes from crying

Yes, I can save you.- all the way back I had thought in many ways, but that point of the disease there was only one thing to be done.

She deliberated for a few seconds, knew what she had to do, but that way they would stay connected forever.

The news cheered the king’s heart, he didn’t care about the methods she would use, he just wanted his son to live.

My king dismiss your doctors. I need to be alone for a while with your son.

It was still hidden until the last doctor left

With everyone away Andromeda can do what she should.

Love, I need you to drink this.

Andromeda offered her a small spoon with a few silver drops that she had removed from a small bottle hanging from her necklace.

Did you call me love? His eyes lit up.

Andromeda flushed and tried to avoid the smile on his lips. He still loved her.

Please drink.

Within minutes the prince was completely healed. No one knew what had happened, but he was healed and the king was the person who was most happy about it.

Andromeda tried to hide, but the king quickly found her.

My son is cured, how can I thank you Lady Andromeda?

I want nothing, my king.

But the king did not hear.

Let’s have a banquet in your honor and in honor of my beloved son. And as a present, his death sentence was canceled, no one can touch a strand of his hair, his title was restored and he received a great reward in gold and everything else he wants.

Thank you majesty, but I can’t.

Why will you refuse such an honor?

I have to go home, my brothers must be worried.

I didn’t know you had brothers.

Yeah and, they have a very strong opinion, they don’t want me to get hurt again majesty.

How many brothers do you have?

Three older brothers. I am the youngest and the only woman.

Stay, it would be a great honor,” said Robert.

Okay, but I still have to leave.

As soon as Lizandra heard about the prince’s miraculous cure, she sensed Andromeda’s return, and that made her very happy, there was something she deserved to know.

Andromeda was greatly honored and when she walked around the room the same people who had previously accused her revered her, it made her feel unwell. He knew that none of it was real, all the obeisances and longings were false, and she never forgot.

During the celebration the prince tried in every way to avoid the question that did not remain in his mind, but he cannot avoid it so he waited until they were alone to be able to speak.

What did you give me?

How so?

She tried to disguise it, but it looked like she couldn’t lie to him.

What did you do? Was it a potion?

She no longer wanted to keep secrets from him.

It was my tears.

Your tears?

Yes, now we are connected forever.

She didn’t tell the whole truth for fear of his reaction. As he couldn’t keep quiet, he convinced her to stay.

How long will my prince?

He sighed and held her against his heart, he just beat for her.

How about forever?

had long ago decided not to give his heart again, but he did not give him a choice.

Days later they were married, and for the prince his life was perfect, but what he thought changed as soon as he learned that Andromeda was pregnant. In the years that followed, Andromeda and the prince had six daughters plus no sons. Andromeda herself trained her daughters in the art of magic, and to give them more power she gave each one a medallion bathed in the powers of her tears to make them stronger, and inside each medallion was a diamond, each diamond was unique as its owner, each daughter was given a different power but the mother warned them that the power chose the daughter, but she had a power that was the most special of all and Andromeda called these powers gifts. There has never been a family as talented as hers, they were proud of it.

My daughters, the blood and the link that connects all the gifts of the elements and that is always the gift of the eldest daughter.

The eldest daughter was filled with pride and began to feel better than the others.

But remember that the gift chooses the witch.

But all the daughters were sure that the eldest daughter would inherit the gift of blood. When each daughter turned 16 they were given their medallion, and when it was opened for the first time on their neck the diamond would reveal which gift was intended for them, but only Andromeda’s descendants would gain access to the power that the medallion held.

There is Katrina, the eldest daughter, on her 16th birthday her revelation ceremony was held, there was a huge party with lots of dancing and music with the ceremony prepared according to the taste of each daughter, at the end of the party everyone left the room and in it only Andromeda and her family remained, after each party, each daughter received her tattoos and then medallions. As the Katrina tradition sent to the eldest daughter, she knelt at the mother’s feet while her sisters surrounded her.

Mother I am ready, I will receive my gift and I will be proud of it, whatever is destined for me will be cared for and preserved from generation to generation, and our lineage will survive until the end of time. We will survive.

survive- repeated the other sisters.

When Andromeda rose from her throne and the silence increased. As he placed the medallion on his firstborn, a single whisper came from his lips.

Reveal yourself.

Katrina opened her medallion and waited, little by little her diamond turned red as blood and her chest seemed to be bleeding and in it the symbol of fire was revealed. Andromeda was amazed, that shouldn’t have happened, wouldn’t the gift of blood choose any of her daughters? The ceremony ended in silence and no one spoke about it. In the following years all other gifts were given to his daughters.

For each gift given, Andromeda sent teachers for her daughters from her home, one teacher for each gift.

The second daughter Clarissa was assigned the Don of the land.

The third daughter Teodora was assigned the Don of water.

The fourth daughter Elizabeth was destined the Don of the metal.

The fifth daughter Cecília was destined the Don of the air.

All the older daughters had already married and moved in, Katrina was pregnant and Theodora was pregnant,

But the sixth daughter was a mystery, all the gifts had already been distributed among the other daughters, would she be without her gift?

The sixth daughter’s birthday has finally arrived. And when their revelation ceremony was over, they were all nervous, especially the sixth daughter whose name was Roxanne. Andromeda knew at once that her daughter knelt at her feet that she was destined for something very special. When kneeling at her mother’s feet Roxanne was very nervous, this could be the day of her glory or her disgrace in front of the family, she just didn’t know what it was going to be.

Mother I am ready, I will receive my gift and I will be proud of it, whatever is destined for me will be cared for and preserved from generation to generation, and our lineage will have survived until the end of time, We will survive.

survive- repeated the other sisters.

When placing the medallion on her daughter’s neck she feared that a witch without powers was a very rare event and a sign of disgrace for the family.

Reveal yourself.

Roxanne opened her medallion and saw that her diamond was still the same, after a few seconds tears rolled down her face, trying to escape her shame. Roxanne’s plan was to run and lock herself in her room, but before getting up something unexpected happened, the the stone of his medallion went frighteningly black and the blood symbol was revealed to him. Everyone was shocked, especially Roxanne, because the blood was always destined for the firstborn and in silence the ceremony ended, when they were alone at the height of their anger Katrina went to meet her younger sister.

A few more were added to Roxanne’s tattoos, which circled her waist and neck like a necklace that ended between her breasts, symbols to channel and increase her powers that came from a very special book that Andromeda possessed.

How dare you? Being the link in the family was my gift by right. You stole it.

It was not my fault, I did nothing, it was all the work of destiny. -Roxanne was not the most knowledgeable or beautiful of the sisters but knew that she did not move with the balance of destiny-it was the destiny that chose me and neither can you dispute that.

The same teachers who taught her sisters returned to teach her, including an extra teacher who also had the gift of blood.

The studies lasted three years, Andromeda taught her daughters how to write their spell grimoires written in a language that only they could read, and how she imagined each daughter was unique. After her studies, each daughter married to continue the lineage, each spell grimoire was bewitched to add new pages to each new generation, the grimoire of blood was six times greater than that of the sisters because the blood was to learn to control everyone the other elements.

Each witch in each family received her mother’s necklace and the same tattoos, each Andromeda daughter had a daughter and only one for the lineage to continue, and she continued for over a thousand years.

That’s how the story was told

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