My most treasured friend

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A oneshot for my best friend on his birthday 13/08/2020

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I remember the day so well. September 15th 2016. The day I met my second most treasured friend.

It was like every other evening. I was home after school, tired and hungry waiting to grab a snack to fill my empty stomach. As per usual I log into my Wattpad account and find a couple of messages from friends. I leave them all unread and open the message box of my dear best friend Softie. There were a couple of poems she had left for me.

I'm not really a fan of em and so I wait for her to come online to ask why she had sent me them.

Softie asked me to check out the poems of someone by the name @lovelesslbh. Like I said, I wasn't a fan of poems and I really didn't like reading poems of others which I was sure to not enjoy.

Or so I thought.

As per her request, I went to her profile and checked out her writings.

I still remember the various emotions I had felt whilst reading her poems.

I felt for the poet.

The poems were so heartfelt and well written that I, who has never once liked poems wanted to keep going.

I accepted the fact that this poet was truly a person who derserved praises.

I headed over to her page and clicked the "message" icon.l and started my text.

I praised her for her poems and made sure to let her know how moved I was by her words. She was humble and modest. And I liked her alot.

What I thought was to be a single text turned to days of messaging. Every evening after school I made sure to reply her along with Softie. We started off with book ideas and just random stuff and then about each other.

And that is when, one fateful day I was told that SHE was actually a HE.

Aarvie Angelica, my good ol' best friend to date.

4 years of friendship and an infinity to go.

Something small for my best friend Aarvie on his birthday.

Hope you like it bud. (Did it in a hurry before the day would end)





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