Vampire Powers

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This short book tells you about the abilities and names that vampires have

Jayden Hewity
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Chapter One

* An ability that protects any part of the bearer is called a "Shield".

* An ability that finds a target is called a "Tracker", which is one of the most common talents.

* Since some vampires possess abilities to "read" things, they can be considered "Readers".

* Vampires with the power to project a sort of illusion can be considered "Illusionists".

* Vampires who display powers that cause their targets to become addicted are considered "Addictionists".

* Vampires who create an influence around their target(s) are called "Influencers"

* Vampires who can instantly traverse from place to place are called "Teleporters" .

* Vampires who can send things or beings (But not themselves) away to a designated location are called "Traversers".

* Vampires who can stop things or events happening, or stop people doing something, or Vampires, are known as 'Stoppers'; this is one of the rarest (But probably not the most rare) categories.

* Vampires who can foresee future events are called "Watchers".

* Vampires who can move things physically are called "Movers".

* Vampires who are capable of establishing some form of link (mental or otherwise) between themselves and other beings, or linking other beings to each other, are called as "Linkers".

* Vampires who can repair others are called "Healers".

Some powers are the same but with a different twist to them. Some vampires can see/sense the emotional ties between people, while others can manipulate emotional ties.

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