Begin Again, Closure

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Hi All. You wanted some closure so I provide some closure. There is no book three. But I hope this will help tie everything up into a pretty bow. Love Lielie

Lielie Jansen
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Closure for All

“Surprise!” came the voices throughout the entire living room.

Looking around at all the smiling faces in my house my eyes traveled over everybody standing there smiling.

It seems like Brandon had invited everyone, his parents were there, my mom and her husband, Uncle Gary, Sarah and John and even Claire along with a bunch of our other friends. All dressed up in party hats and balloons waiting on me to say something.

My mind was totally befuddled at the moment so making any sense right now was not my strongest point. A look of concern travelled over Brandon’s face as he rushes to me.

“Sam are you okay? It looks like you have seen a ghost.” He says

Looking down at my hands I mumble the first thing that pops into my mind.

“Honey what did you say? I couldn’t hear you?” he asks still looking very concerned

Still very much confused about my entire day I clear my throat and try again, this time using hand gestures in the hope that he would understand.

“You are going to be a daddy.” I say holding up the sonar picture and the positive pregnancy test for him to see.

After the doctor told me I was pregnant and even showed me on the sonar I still didn’t believe him so I went and bought a pregnancy test as to confirm the black and white picture I was holding in my hand was real and not a dream.

The shocked quickly transferred to his face and the people behind him froze mid sentence as they heard what I just said.

“What?” was all that slipped from his lips.

Slowly a smile slipped onto my lips and the tears to my eyes as I lift the test and the sonar a bit higher for him to see. Looking away from me he takes it in his hands and the shock moves to disbelief to a smile all in a span of a few seconds.

Turing around to look at everyone staring at us he throws his hands in the air

“I’m going be a daddy” only to turn around, grabbing me around my middle and lifting me off the ground while he spins me around laughing. The people started to cheer behind us and Brandon finally kissed me.

Bracing myself for the next piece of info I was about to drop on Brandon I take a deep breath

“You are going to be a double daddy.” I whisper into his ear

Just like a thought Brandon froze. Letting go of me mid air making me land a bit hard on my feet. Laughing at the shocked look on his face I look over his shoulder towards John.

“You might want to bring him something strong to drink. He just found out he is going to be a daddy of twins.”

Brandon looked down at the ultra sound picture trying to make out two babies, only laughing at him as I did the same only a few hours ago. By then John had disappeared into the kitchen looking for something strong for Brandon and our friends and family started hugging me and shaking Brandon’s hand.

This really wasn’t how I planned on spending my birthday but I can tell you one thing I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We have been married for a year now and we were as happy as can be. We moved back to Cape Town and were living in a small two bedroom house just outside of the city.

As the party kicked off in full swing Brandon finally coming back to reality after John had handed him a shot or two of tequila, he had not left my side since. The night was closing in on ten o’clock and I was already pooped, but the doctor did warn me that would be the normal stand of things for the next seven and a half months.

Taking a seat in the living room I looked around at the crowd that was left. John and Sarah were finally engaged and as happy as can be. They welcomed me back with open arms when we came back last year. They were set to get married later this year, she wanted me to be a bridesmaid but I think I’ll have to sit this one out.

Claire was a different story. It took her a bit longer to forgive me and Brandon for her being left at the altar and I couldn’t blame her, but one good thing did come from that, the teacher Brandon asked to be his other groomsman hit it off with Claire and they got married around the middle of last year.

It seems like after she actually said ‘I Do’ and the groom stuck around to also say ‘I Do’ it was easier to forgive us. Me and my mom finally got back on track with our relationship and were closer together than we ever were.

Her step son still didn’t like me, due to my outburst my final year, but her husband had found it in his heart to forgive me so things were looking up. Brandon’s parents were the only people we were ever close to and it seems like they were never really mad at me for what happened between me and Brandon, but just happy we finally made it.

Brandon and I got married in a small ceremony on the beach one Friday afternoon and held the reception at The Corner Café afterwards. He finally apologized for stealing my ideal proposal and using it on Claire but he so made up for it when he got down on one knee on the love locks bridge. Handing me a lock with our names on and the most beautiful ring ever.

After we got married I was happy just living my life with Brandon, just the two of us, no drama, no heartbreak, just love.

Resting my hand on my belly a small smile touched my lips and I laid my head back against the couch. But I was wrong when I said just the two of us. Because even though I only found out about these two I already loved them.

Looking around the room again catching my beautiful husbands smile I couldn’t help but think about how perfect my life had turned out in the end. That I would not take back one bad memory from my past, because they all brought me to this exact moment.

All my friends and family was together in one room having a time of their lives and there was just love flowing around us.


Never again will I go through this. I am cutting it off or tying it over after this is done. twelve hours it took, twelve freaking hours before we got moved into the delivery room. And in those twelve hours Sam had divorced me about a hundred times, blamed me for this being all my fault and wished me dead about a million times.

Then we finally moved into the delivery room the hand crushing started. I’m telling you I am going to need surgery on my hand just to get all the bones back in the right places. It took another five minutes before the first one let out a gut wrenching scream.

The doctors handed the baby back to the other nurses and were telling Sam to push again. Taking a deep breath and squeezing the last remaining bones in my hand to a pulp she started to push again. The doctors just kept telling her how great she was doing and to only push when they say she can.

And so it went on another five minutes before the second gut wrenching scream took over the operating room. I could see Sam starting to relax but before she had a chance to do that the doctors asked her to push one final time.

Another five minutes passed before the doctor looked up at me and Sam with a wide grin on his face.

“Would you like to meet your daughters?” he asks us the smile spreading even wider over his face.

Sam just nodded her head yes letting go of my hand. The two were still scream death as the nurses turned around to pick them up to bring them to us. As soon as they placed them in Sam’s arms they stopped crying.

Looking down at Sam and my beautiful daughters I couldn’t help my eyes filling with tears. Everything disappeared in that moment. Mom and babies were in seventh heaven looking as beautiful and in love as ever.

All that had happened in the past vanished and for the first in my life I wished I could press pause and just stand there watching them.

Just stand there watching as love

Begin Again. . .

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