The Alpha’s Fireball

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Being an omega is the worst thing you can be in The Blood Moon pack, being a boy doesn't help at all. Lucca is the only male omega in his pack making him the smallest and weakest of the pack. Many including his own family and siblings hate and despise his existence. All he ever wanted was to be loved and cared for. Deprive from his childhood he never knew the latest things nor was allowed to go outside. Pharaoh is the King of all Alpha's and has been without his mate for the past four years. He's becoming more and more angrier, killing anyone insight without a ounce of regret. The only one to stop the Pharaoh's destruction is his mate, but how will he react about his second-mate being a male and been abused? {Warning. This book contains the following; Rape, Mature Content and Male Pregnancy.} {BOOK ONE OF "THE GUARDIANS OF GENESIS"}

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{The Prophecy}

When the two packs collide,

one will be victorious and one will die.

The Alpha will lead them through a victorious battle with his mate at his side.

His mate will be the strongest in the land, mistreated and misguided he'll stand as powerful as ever, shining through the night with a full head of fiery red hair.

All will be good and All will be well, with him by their side, no evil shall prevail.



This books contains scenes between two or more men {most likely}. If you're not comfortable reading two men getting it on or kissing and stuff like that, I highly suggest you to press the little arrow on the top right of your screen and press it and delete this book.


All Rights Reserved to @KenWritez [Me]

This book belongs completely to The Author {Me}, meaning do not publish any storylines, covers, description, etc from him. If you would like to use something of that genre, please feel free to contact the author. If he sees his hard work on the internet without his permission or consent, The Author will find you and it will not be pretty.


This book is just made from the thought's of the author head and if any place, person, business, etc. That is use, is mainly for this book and sometimes the author may incorporate some on accident.


This books contains swear words that may or may not trigger you and The Author will let you know ahead of time if it will be incorporated into that chapter.

Grammatical Errors

If any word is misspelled or missed used please feel free to tell the author in comment or private messaging, Thanks.

Lots of Love~ Kenn

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