L.I.F.E. One Big Fat Coincidence

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Life is a puzzle of many journeys that leads us to one final destination. We find out who we are and decide who we want to be along the way. It's obviously a difficult adventure but that doesn't mean it can't be fun right?.... If you're looking for an adventure... You're in the right place.

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How It All Started

‘Hey come on Zay. It’s time to wake up now yeah’, Deion’s Brother said softly. She motioned upwards whilst flicking her eye lids in bid of trying to adjust to the luminous bedroom light.
“I’m tired... Wanna sleep now...” The eight year old girl refused to be disturbed. Deion-Zay always respected the importance of rest and always aimed for nine hours of sleep.

“C’mon. We all have to get ready and go right now. C’mon get up! I have a surprise for you. It involves chocolate!”

“Mmm. Fine er.” The tall figure left the room after successfully completing his task of waking his Sister up.

Swiftly, Deion got up out of her bed in fear that she’d be disturbed again. She laughed at the thought of how long it must have taken her brother to wake her up. The small girl sorted out her clothes and accessories before heading up stairs to the bathroom to get ready for the day ahead. Her style unique for an eight year old girl. She’d wear anything sporty or comfortable.

Before venturing to the bathroom, she stared at the unfamiliar male in the house that stood in front of her Mother and Brother. He had a similar light brown complexion to her Mother. In fact, the male looked similar to her Mother. The stranger was hard to miss anyway as he was wearing a white T-shirt with some bright neon net like jacket with no sleeves. The jacket was a yellowish green with a strip of grey going around the centre. She also noticed that his trousers were professional and looked very sophisticated with his polished black shoes and tie.

“It’s okay Zay. I’ll be with you in a moment don’t worry.” Deion-Zay diverted her pupils from her family to gaze at the stranger who gave her a smile of all heart.

“Who are you? Why is the door open? Why are there so many black bags & boxes around the house?...”

‘Deion!’, Polly the girls Mother shouted as a reaction to her audacity.

“No it’s alright. I’m Shayneil. I work with the council. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Okay.” Silence fell upon the family whilst Deion-Zay glared at Shayneil coldly.

“Baby go get ready.”

After giving her Momma one last questioning look, she obeyed and went in the bath. Deion was disappointed with her analysis on Shayne. All of the questions she presented him weren’t answered so she just had to judge and assume his entire existence. Deion was never keen on meeting new people. That’s been going on since last year after having a godawful ear infection.

It was so bad that she lost hearing in her right ear soon after. Because of her hearing issues, she become more observant and focuses on people’s lips or people’s image’s entirely. She understands a lot when it comes to everyone’s body language & and how they present themselves.

“Darling. Imma come in now. You want bubble’s?”

“Yes Momma!” Pollyanna grabbed the orchid flavoured bubble bath and poured it in the tub that was still catching water. Without any warning, she caused a mini tornado to build up the air balls. Zay laughed hard at the excitement caused by the bubbles.

“Baby girl... I’m going to tell you something. You see Shayneil is my Brother.”

“Kay. You share a similar look. Ya both have black hair. Hazel brown eyes. The same dimples around ya mouth when you smile. You must be twins.”

“Bless your smart butt. You’re a smart girl. Very observant. Now umm... Momma is going away for a while. I have some...business to deal with yea? You’re going to be living with Shay for a while okay? You and Treyson.” Pollyanna humbly assisted her daughter by washing her. In this moment she also tensed her body in preparation for how’d Deion-Zay would react.

“Usually, that’s like a code for I’m never gonna see you again. At least your saying goodbye though. Unlike Daddy.” The older woman’s eyes teared up at the statement from her daughter.

“You know you’re a very intelligent girl. Both you and Trey. I love you all so much. So much. And right now, I need you all to be strong and let Shay take care of you. I promise it will be for a lil while. Can you do that for me?” After her Mother words oscillated, she nodded knowing she had no other option.

“Thank you. I’ll always love you baby girl. Remember that okay. Momma loves you.”

“I love you too mammy.”

The lady cherished her beautiful daughter. Her Afro was thick and long, her clear light brown skin made her glow and her personality could attract anyone and anything.

“Right now I needa check on your brother and make sure he is alright. Love you honey.”

“Love ya too Mama.”

Hurriedly, Pollyanna went downstairs and entered the half empty living room to see her son standing there spinning around.

“Trey love. Remember what I told you. You’re a big boy now. Momma loves you. Do this for me.”


“Here she is uncle. Finally dressed and ready to go.” Trey had a significant amount of gratitude in his voice.

“Trey where are we going? Ya promised chocolate!”

“I didn’t did I?” She nodded for what seemed like forever.

“You did!”

“Alright let’s get in the car and wait for Uncle Shay to drive to the mall.” The younger sibling ran to the royal blue Toyota hybrid that looked at one with beaming sun rays melting the white coat of snow on the car and the blanket of snows on the ground.

‘The fool forgot her jacket. I’ll go give it to her’, Treyson’s Momma stated.

Her son watched as she left out the front room.

“Your brave Trey. Are you sure you don’t want me to explain everything to your sis?” Shayne embraced the small boy in his arms with pure love. It was something they’d have to get used to.

“It’s best if I tell her. She isn’t fond of people.”

Treyson kissed his Uncle on the check before leaving the house. He gazed at how content the two women in his life were. It took everything in him to not cry because he knew that seeing them together like that wouldn’t be for a good while.

“Go and say goodbye to your Mum okay. She loves you all you know?” He comforted his Nephew with assurance.

“I know. I just wish she’d be around to say it to us.” After finalizing his sentence, Trey ran on to the patio to his family. He gathered some snow balls ready to attack his Momma and Sister.

To be continued...

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