Stranger in the graveyard

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"I am not the hero of you story, but I can certainly be the villain." A story of two immature teenagers, too blind to see sense and as naive to think they know the world. Follow Beatrice and Caleb on their journey full of love, hatred, anger, jealousy, heartache and tears. Written by Matthews Dawn

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1] Inspirations and accidents

"Told them my dreams,

And they all started laughing.

I guess you're out of your,

mind until it actually happens."

~daisies by Katy Perry


I walked on the pristine white floors of Arington high, my sneakers squeaking against it. Up ahead I could see a bunch of friends joking around and hanging out together. I sighed and made my way to the locker AE2034, which was mine.

The first thing I noticed from the corner of my eye was Dylan Park standing a bit straighter, but without paying much heed to it I turned my attention towards the bright blue sticky note at the front of my locker.

Busy with practice, go on without me.


I sighed as I foled the notes and tucked it in a corner of the locker. I stuff my books, taking my time as I partly paid attention to what the others were saying.

"I heard Audrey Simmons broke up with Adam Will," a brunette spoke up. Her name was Rae, I think. Or something like that.

"What?! Omg that means I can finally have my go at Adam now," Another gushed, hopping a bit on her place like a goddamn exited bunny.

I slammed my locker shut and heard them go silent as well. I walked away muttering loud enough for them to hear, "Right, you may as well succeed."

"Thanks Beatrice! I know I will! You're too sweet," She smiled at me brightly and waved.

Right, I forgot she's immune to sarcasm.

I rolled my eyes and gave her a sarcastic smile, which she completely mistook for a genuine one.

"Goodbye Bee! Have a good day!"

I rushed out of that goddamn school fast and headed towards the baseball field. All the players were running rounds, which I've come to know, is their part of daily routine.

I opened my mouth to scream for my brother's attention but then tought better of it and shut my mouth. I took out my phone and dropped a text for him.

Going out. Take care.

I stuffed my phone back in my pocket and started walking towards the place I've been visiting from the past two months.


I dropped my bag on the grassy fields of the cemetery grounds entrance and pushed open the rusty doors, making hefty of noise while doing so. After contemplating a bit, I picked my bag up once again.

I walked inside, the greenery slowly fading and the atmosphere turning that into a depressed one. I climbed the oak tree in the centre of the graveyard.

The scene was perfect. 5 p.m. sun setting, birds preparing to fly to their nests, the eerie calmness of the graveyard. I sighed a contented sigh and brought my drawing tablet from my bag.

I hesitated for a second, before settling on the branch and let my bag drop on a ground softly.

I started the tablet and stared at the screen. I stared and stared and stared until half an hour had passed and suddenly, my inspiration started flowing back and the ideas started forming once again.

Without fully knowing what I'd make, I started going with my instinct and slowly and gradually, the blob of paint in the middle of my digital canvas, it started forming a legible shape.

Three hours later, ignoring my badly aching fingers I held up my tablet with shining eyes. I was so proud of myself to finally come out of my shell and start drawing again.

Even though it looks rookie to others, this is something good for a drawing I've made after a break.

I looked at the notification bar of my tablet and saw the time which freaked me out so much so that I hurriedly jumped off the branch with a sore bottom I picked my back and sprinted out of the cemetery.

But even the fear of being late was nothing compared to the happiness that came from drawing.

Who knew that a supposedly glooming place could be so inspirational for me.


I walked on the sidewalk with hurried steps trying to come up with excuses as to why the hell was I so late. It was almost 8:45 PM and my mom was supposed to get off work at 8 o'clock.

Oh she would so fry my brain for not being home directly after school.

I was scared of what was to come at home but yet, I didn't have not one ounce of regret with me. Me getting my inspiration back was the best thing that's happened to me the whole month.

I pushed open the door of my home and quietly took off my shoes and without making any noise I placed them in the shoe rack. I looked around to check if anyone was in the hallway or living room and sighed out of relief when I saw no one.

I started to tip toe to my room and I had successfully climbed the stairs and I sprinted to my bedroom, making sure to be as quiet as possible.

Once inside the safety of my small room, I locked the door and dropped my bad on the bed and rushed to shower before an angry mother could barge in my room to bite my ear off.

Fifteen minutes later, I was well showered and dressed in my comfy pajamas. I walked over to my dressing table and applied a night cream on my face and then flopped on the bed.

I took out my tablet and started admiring my artwork. Every time I looked at it, my heart would brust of happiness and I'd smile like a buffoon.

Admist all this, I partly wondered where was my mom or my brother, for that matter. I got up from my bed and slowly walked over to the dor of my bedroom and peeked out in the eerily silent hallway. I stepped out of my room and closed the door behind me before walking over to the room across me which belonged to my brother, and peeked inside.

I was surprised to see the room covered in darkness and it looked like a tornado has blown the room away. Now that, was something weird since my brother was the world's biggest neat freak.

I frowned and hollered, "Mom! Jared!?"

Worry started eating my heart away as seconds passed and I got no response. I checked the whole house and I couldn't find either of them in the house. I ran back to my room and fished out my phone.

My eyes widened when I saw I had 54 missed calls and 108 messages all from my brother. I hurriedly called my brother back and waited as my phone kept ringing. As each second passed, the more scared I was becoming. Finally he picked up the call and the words he said made my heart drop in the pit of my stomach.

"Bee, mom's in the hospital."


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