Loved and Lost

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Fame can get to anyone. Phoebe has lived her whole life in the spotlight with her A-list parents. Then her mother died and her life changed. Her father became abusive and no longer the man she new then married a woman who at times was worse. Tired of keeping up appearances her best friend helps her escape to a small town in the middle of nowhere that no one could think to find her. This small town is many thing to many people. That is until this small town that was just supposed to keep her hidden until she could take legal action becomes something more. It’s where she’s found love and a life she never expected.

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I held the hoodie down covering my face as I stepped out of the hospital as Mike and Brandy held me close walking trying to keep me from the large crowd of paparazzi. I ignored all of their yelling questions as they blended together. My head pounding I was thankful to see the black SUV and Brandy opened the door letting me jump in. Mike and Brandy ran to the front seats as I pushed my hoddie back only to see someone I never wanted to see again sit beside me.

"Phoebe Everly Clover..." I pushed myself closer to the door watching as we pulled off the side of the road making our way out of the hospital parking lot. I took deep breaths careful not too deep as my ribs still hurt. "You look different," My head snapped back looking back at the tall and slender Lucy.

"That was the point." I played with the end of the cast on my wrist. I want to be out of the car. Out of the city. Out of the country. I need to be anywhere but here. I need to be at home.

"Don't speak to me like that," Lucy demanded.

"I'm not your kid," I said. Lucy has been more than a thorn in my heal since I was ten. I could never speak up before but I've been gone too long for her hold to keep my voice down. "You aren't my mother. You're just the whore my father married."

"Shut your mouth before I smack you." I put my hand on the handle and unlocked the door with the other. Opening the door I let the sound of beeping cars rush in hearing Mike and Brandy yell. "What the hell!" Lucy yelled grabbing at me.

"I will jump," I warned. She let go of my shirt and sat back. I closed the door. I was thankful she didn't say anything. Brandy just looked at me from the front seat with a smirk. I kept my eyes locked on the world outside the car. Everything rush by as I held my breath. I never wanted to be back here at least not when it wasn't on my own terms. Every second that passes I want to run until I can't anymore. Only I wouldn't get far since my injures are bounding me to just walking. The silence only making my anger and pain growing in my chest.

As we reached the tall modern building I rolled my eyes. My father's large home screamed money. The latest technology-filled every room. White walls, unscratched tile floors, maids and butlers, and most important secrets. This isn't my home. This is my prison. It's been a prison since the day my mother died.

I looked as my father stepped out watching as Mike parked the car and I listened as Lucy jumped out walking around meeting my father kissing him on the cheek then spitting out another lie to him. I stayed seated in the back just locking the doors. "Phoebe?"

"Take me to the lawyer Mike, now." The confusion and anger rested on my father's face as they drove off. I could hear his yells demanding we return.

"Would you like to tell us your plan?" Brandy turned to look at me.

"I'm never staying with them again, I have more people on my side," I said. He didn't ask any further just nodded his head. As they drove I dug into my pocket and pulled out the picture I've kept hidden from everyone. The explanation for my disappearance. What was just supposed to be a few days turned into a week. Then from a week to nearly a year. I looked at the smiling boy. The boy who took my small withered heart and made it full and happy. The boy who changed me and made me see things in a different way.

I brought the picture to my lips and kissed it. As I shoved it back in my pocket I looked back outside at the city passing question everything, myself mainly but maybe the world too.

How did I end up here?

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