Loved and Lost

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I zipped up my coat and looked over to Frankie as she wiped down the table. “Is Ryder picking you up?”

“No Jeremiah. Ryder has plans with his father but Jeremiah is taking me to pick up my car.”

“Jeremiah, really?” I watched as she stood straighter. She adjusted her hair making me raise my eyebrows at her. I’ve suspected something since I told Jeremiah where I got a job and that Frankie was my boss. His cheeks turned red behind his scruffy beard and quickly composed himself. He’s avoided coming to my work but he had no choice now.

“Frankie?” She turned to me then continue wiping down the tables. “Who will I be bribing for a story tonight?”

“I don’t know what you talking about dear.” She picked up the grey bin then walked through the doors that lead to the kitchen. As they closed behind her the front door rang. I turned watching as Jeremiah walked in hands in the pockets of his jacket.

"It's getting chilly, you're going to need better winter clothes dear." He put a hand on my shoulder pulling me close.

"Ryders taking me out of town tomorrow, I'll get some more then." I looked up at him as he looked around almost as if he was looking for someone. "You know for a town so small I'm surprised you haven't met Frankie."

"I have, just....not for a long time." I pulled away as the kitchen door opened again. I watched as Jeremiah stepped back and as Frankie stopped in her tracks. "Francis." Blinking I looked between them. "Hey..."


"Meet you in the car." I slipped away walking off leaving both of them to not say anything as I walked out of the building and to Jeremiah's truck I pulled myself into the passenger side and watched through the window as Jeremiah and Frankie talked. No one ever called Frankie by her real name and when one does she can get quite snippy about it. She didn't even blink an eye with Jeremiah.

It wasn't a long wait as Jeremiah took only about ten seconds before jogging out. He got in the truck and looked at me as he rubbed his hands together. "Really?" I asked.


"There's a story here and I want it." I watched as he let out a laugh and turned over the engine. "Jeremiah!"

"No. No story to tell. Now, let's go get that jeep of yours." I couldn't help but stare at him hoping it would annoy him enough to tell me but the man is a wealed shut steel box. I finally gave up after a few minutes when we arrived at the auto shop. Sully was there waiting for us and handed me the keys. Jeremiah told me to be safe on the way back to my small home.

By the time I had gotten home Ryder texted letting me know he'd be over in a couple of hours so I took the chance to just wind down and watch some TV. After seeing the thumbnail on youtube for the first episode trailer again for my old show I couldn't help myself. I clicked and watched it load up.

"She's missing-" I looked at Brian's face. All of my friends in their character wondering how they are. My character has gone a new person was introduced. A lost family member who had the same gift as my character just not as strong. Together they have to go through things to try and find me. Of course, the show's ratings went up. The months it's been on youtube had gained millions of views. Not being able to stop myself I continued to find a way to watch the show.

Before I realized it I found myself on episode four and more into the story than when I was on the show. When I heard the door open I paused it and looked over the loft railing."There's my man." I said.

"Hey babe," He slipped his shoes off then walked over to the stairs then walked up pulling his jacket off and letting it hang off where I leaned. I looked up to him as he wrapped his arms around me."I missed you so much." Kissing the side of my face he pushed us down onto the bed making me laugh as the warmth spread around my body.

"I missed you too. But you do remember your place is only like three minutes away...with traffic." He smiled at me.

"What if it wasn't?" My eyebrows pinched at him. "My dad offered to let me build on the land. We a home together." My mouth dropped. "Build a small house and-" I put my hand over his mouth making him stop talking and now look at me confused.

"Ryder...We've only known each other for like seven months." He moved my hand and pulled me closer. Just looking at me he pushed himself up enough to look down at me as I laid my head back on the pillow.

"Bri...Phoebe Clover. I accept and love every bit of you. I knew the moment I met you that you were going to change my life. I love you. Time is...a construct." I slapped his arm as he smiled. "What I'm saying is no matter what I still know and love you. I want to come home to you and wake up next to you. So, please...Move into my family's basement, and build a home with me."

I want a life in Ouray. My life in LA was calculated, filled with lies, and had me in constant pain. I was only going to return when I no longer could be controlled by the man who called himself my father. Even prove he had hurt me. Go back and have my own life. Ryder was right, the moment I met him I could tell he'd change things. It's like meeting an angel.

Bringing me on the best dates ever, bringing happiness and laughter into my life again when I thought I'd fake them forever. Even hearing Peyton on her thanksgiving visit telling me she's never seen me like this changed everything. I want a life in Ouray even if it's a small and simple life. It's a life I want and sharing it with Ryder is what I want to do.

"Yes. I'll move in with you." I watched the smile grow as he looked at me before quickly pressing his soft lips to mine. His hands traveled pulling me close then allowing me to push him over and get on top of him.

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