Loved and Lost

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Cabins Truth

Looking around I couldn’t help but notice it was actually kind of nice for a fairly old cabin. Ryder showed Dominick and Peyton they’re room while Ryder took me to the one we’d be staying in. It was the main room and had its own connected bathroom. Decent size and had a great view of the mountain and snow that covered all of the ground.

The more look around I got the more it came to mind that’s Ryder’s Uncle Bill’s wife Chloe had more to do with the cabin being nice as a lot of things look brand new.“Oh there’s also a hot tub.” I looked at Ryder as he pointed outside. “Our very own Hot Springs.”

“Okay, this is pretty awsome.” I walked over to him after throwing our bag on the bed. “Thank you for giving me the best Christmas Holiday of my life.”

“Love you too.” He kissed my nose before I heard Peyton’s laugh. I stepped away to find her and Dominick in the kitchen. She was sitting on the island and he was pressed close to her.

“Hey,” They both looked at me. “Can one of you start the fire in here, while we get the hot tub going?”

“Sure,” Dominick walked off heading outside to the grab the already cut wood we noticed on our way in. Peyton smiled and walked over to me. “I understand how you feel about Ryder.” She put her hands to her mouth. “Phoebe, I love that boy.” I couldn’t help but smile so happy for her. She’s had a few boyfirends but never right. Dominick is the only boy I’ve seen to make her truly smile. Not her red carpet smile. The smile that nearly shows her back teeth she’s so happy.

“Well, I love my boy. Which is why I’m helping him with the hot tub in the snow.” I kissed her cheek.“So go help your boy.” I walked back to the glass sliding doors with Ryder and stepped outside with him the freezing air causing goosebumps.

I helped pull the cover off the hot tub as he turned it on allowing it to warm up as we returned inside. I agreed to help get dinner going as he retreated to the garage. As I started on the potatoes Dominik came over. “I wish I knew about your dad.” I froze and looked up at him. “I’m sorry. It’s just... maybe I could have helped.”

“Dominick...” I put my potato and the peeler down. “It hadn’t been going on for long by that point. Even if you did, there’s nothing that wouldn’t have fixed it. Because my father is my father and could have covered it up easily. At the same time, I’m glad I was able to run away because If I didn’t I wouldn’t have Ryder and I wouldn’t have everyone else that I have in my life now,” He nodded and continued helping me. “Also, as the best friend, you hurt my girl I hurt you. In hiding or not.”

“You got it.”

“Go help Ryder,” He followed my order walked off allowing Peyton to stop watching from afar and join me. We made the stake and mash potatoes and called the boys back when it was time to eat. Sitting together in front of the fire I could see us doing this for years.

Meeting up in the holidays during the long break in between filming. Secluding ourselves in a cabin awayf rom the world. I can even picture further on kids running around and playing board games together. Being happy together. I don’t remember having family time like that. My mom’s family a complete mystery to me and my father alone. All their friends are actors or in business. There were never any special trips just the work trips to different locations where I was watched over by someone helping me with school until I had worked myself.

I can’t picture my life being any other way now. Ouray is my home. Even if things change and I want to act again, find a part of it my father hasn’t stained in my heart, I still will return to this small town. In less than a year in Ouray I feel more at home than I did my whole life in LA.

“I nearly shit myself filming that,” Everyone laughed as Dominick talked about the last movie he filmed. “If it wasn’t for that harness I swear-”

“It was a crazy stunt. Sould have seen some of the stuff they did on Phoebe’s show. A lot of special effects and green screen the last season she was there. Wonder what they’re going to do about you character if you’re not ”Found.“. Maybe kill you off?”

“You know what, saves me.“I put my drink in the air before drinking it, Peyton copying my movement.

“Oh, are you going to learn spanish?!” She looked at Ryder. “It’s so fun.” I was going to answer but Ryder put his hand out telling me he was going to answer so I sat back with a smile.

" Ya se español. Aprendí en la escuela secundaria y superé en mi clase. Quiero viajar." Peyton let out a laugh with Dominick. Dominick was raised bilingual like me while I taught Peyton Spanish and Ryder learned in high school but kept up with it when he was planning on traveling.

"We're going to turn in. See you in the morning." Dominick and Peyton left leaving me and Ryder alone. I floated over to the other side of the hot tub and turned to him.

"If you told me three years ago my best friend wouldn't be so subtle about her love life right now I'd laugh." Our lives so public we talked about everything. Yet somehow being in another state miles away from one another and calling each other every other day it seemed were even closer.

"I'm honestly not surprised. Just like their room has no windows that allow them to see the hot tub." I turned looking seeing he was right. I turned back to him as he floated over grabbing me and pulling me back to him. I straddled his lap and looked down at him playing with his hair as he looked up at me.

"Ryder you drive me crazy you know that."

"Dido." Pressing his lips to mine I lost control of myself for a moment. Every other moment after that was nice to be in more control.

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