Loved and Lost

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"You're getting married!" Mary yelled before wrapping me in a hug. "Oh my god! Can Fallon be the flower girl, she'd be so cute in a little dress."

"Hey, we just got engaged. I don't even want to think about planning for a little bit."

"Come one do you know any other little girls?" I just smiled at her as she just jumped around. "I knew it. Oh, this is amazing." The door opened and I turned seeing Frankie and Jeremiah walk in laughing together. "Frankie!"


"Frankie look!" Mary grabbed my hand and held it up before I could stop her. Frankie's mouth dropped as Jeremiah just stopped and smiled at me. Frankie ran over and hugged me.

"Be still my heart Briana, I'm so happy for you." She held my hands in hers. "I'm so proud."

"Thanks," She kissed my cheek. "Can I have a minute with Jer?" I asked. After nodding she grabbed Mary and dragged her out of the room. Jeremiah shoved his hands in his pockets as I walked over to him.

"So he finally asked." I stopped in front of him as he finally looked at me. "He asked me for permission. I approved of course."

"He knows how much you mean to me. You let everyone believe that you're my uncle and keeping me safe. Making sure I was safe even when I didn't want it. Jeremiah when the time comes that I can walk down the aisle, can you please walk with me." I watched more tears fill his eyes. "Please don't cry, if you cry, I cry. I've made you cry more this past week than I think you have in your whole life."

"Well, you have." He wiped his tear away. "You must stop making me cry, you're going to ruin my reputation around here."

"Love you too Jeremiah." He walked out and I continued on getting ready for the rest of the day. Filled coffee's and took orders. A few of the town people and regulars noticed my new bling and even congratulated me. My hand felt heavy with the ring. It weighed nothing but it felt present.

Even catching myself staring at it. In between customers, Mary did the same. Looking at it and adoring it just as much as I do. Being so entranced by a ring is something I never expected. I never expected to find someone like Ryder while hiding. I expected to just lay low and be myself. Find myself really.

Finding out how much I loved not wondering if I'd gained friends from my fame or who I actually am. Finding out there's a woman in my life who've been able to care for me in a way I never thought I would get again. Finding the people I feel are my real family. While pretending and trying to be someone else I found my real family. Ryder is my family. Ryder helped me find my family.

Later after finishing work I started gathering my things with Mary standing with me. "I can totally help plan the wedding with you. I know people too." She continued on. I stopped her as we started to walk out of the break room and to our cars.

"Mary, I love you and you are one of my closest and best friends here but I can't have a wedding anytime soon. I probably won't be able to have a real wedding." We stepped outside and she looked at me. Standing in the cold I shoved my hands in the pockets trying to keep warm as I faced her.

"Why?" She looked at me like a little girl learning the tooth fairy wasn't real. I knew from the moment I met her she was a romantic and a dreamer. She cares for her daughter with so much love and makes sure she not only believes in magic and happiness but the truth of things. For a girl who raised her daughter alone, after the boy she thought she loved left, she never stopped believing there's love.

"I came here because if I didn't, I'd be abused every day until I could somehow getaway. The thing is my father and stepmother are very known and powerful. A proper wedding means photos and announcements. If my father found out I don't know what he'd do. But Mary, I'm okay with having a small thing with just family and friends in his parent's back yard. It doesn't take much to please me."I watched as she smiled at me then wrapped me in her arms.

"Hey, I'm coming home with you. If anything I'm going to celebrate the engagement with you and your boy. I'll be right behind you." I got into my jeep and pulled out first seeing Mary follow behind me. The drive was short but I'd was grateful to see Ryder's parents' house. Mary soon pulled up and parked next to me and together we walked inside.

I walked in the door and turned on the lights."SURPRISE!" Mary held me as I jumped and I could hear laughter around the room. I looked back seeing Ryder walk up to me with a smile on his face as he took my hand in his.

"Sorry babe, mom insisted." He kissed my cheek and I pursed my lips at Mary. I should have known she had other means besides just celebration.

"Welcome to the family honey!"Ryder's mother nearly suffocated me in her arms but I still couldn't find the means or want to getaway. She kissed my cheeks. "Seriously welcome. I'm so excited to have a daughter like you."I held back my need to cry as Ryder took my hand again pulling me off to the side.

"All phones have been taken away and the only photos being taken are on four polaroids and about a thousand photos can be taken. This is onehundred percent safe to celebrate," I looked around seeing no phones everyone was actually talking to everyone and even laughing and enjoying the games that were set up.

"Wait, Ryder...if we do the same thing for the wedding, we can actually celebrate. We can actually have a wedding." I watched as his jaw dropped. "We can still celebrate however big we want." he crouched down picking me up from around my waist spinning me around making applause fill the room.

I could have a wedding. It's just going to be different.

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