Loved and Lost

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Very Extra Ordinary

I got to several ATMs. I took out most of what I had made from the show and put aside for my original plan. Save enough to get my own condo in the city on my eighteenth birthday. After that I hid away all my personal identification in my bag and made my way out of the city my heart pounding in my ears from the nerves hoping no one had seen or recognized me.

I pushed through the rest of the night and early morning with the help of coffee and red bull. I kept my hoodie up as I stopped for gas and food. Along the way, the views made the static of the radio bearable. The sun rising and the trees coving the sides of the mountains. The further a got in the direction of Ouray, less and less cars surrounded me. The sun reached higher in the sun sky as I kept going down the two-lane road getting closer and closer to Ouray.

When I saw the city sign the nerves running through my body aren’t of fear but excitement. I made it. I plan that was created lass than twenty-four hours later I’m driving into the small town that offically will be a new home to me for at least a couple years. Isolated and small I don’t fear being here alone. My stomach rumbled as I entered turned onto Main St. Passing by shops, and homes and smiled when I saw a Bar and Grill. I found parking and made my way inside seeing a friendly middle-aged woman.

“How many?”

“Just me,”

“Booth, table, or bar?” She asked.

“Bar.” She walked me over and gave me a seat on a shorter side of the bar. I looked up at the tv seeing sports and the news. Soccer played on the middle tv screen while Football was to it’s left and the News to the right. I had nothing planned or a place for me to be until the end of the week. If Lucy doesn’t report it or my father then no one would know I was gone for a while.

The news played curent political events then just things going on around the state. The chances of me appearing in the news especially here were so little it only made me feel so much at ease. Ouray wasn’t just some town in between the mountains. It’s going to be the town that keeps me protected.

“What can I get you to drink?” I looked down to see a boy about my age maybe a little older. His skin tanned and hair dark, a little messy, but all paired with dark eyes. He looks like he belongs to LA more than a small town in the middle of nowhere that relyed on tourists and people passing through. “You don’t look old enough for a beer.” He started wiping down his side of the bar with the towel from his shoulder.

“You don’t look old enough to serve beer,” I said. He smiled at me before leaning on the counter.

“It’s my family’s restaurant, I may only be seventeen but I’m the best bartender in this town.”

“For a town with less than a thousand people that doesn’t surprise me.” I took my jean jacket off. “Can I just have ice water?” He nodded his head and started filling a glass with ice then water from the soda gun. “So where can someone find a room if they’re staying long term?”

“Well if you have a camper, there’s an RV park close by that’s really nice. If you don’t I suggest the Ouray RV park and cabin a couple of miles past the hot springs.” He set the water down on the bar in front of me. I held up the video. “Most people just stay for a couple of days, what’s got you wanting to stay long term?”

“Just...a a fresh start.” I glanced at the menu happy to not have to think about having to keep my weight in check or train. I can eat whatever I want. I asked for a burger and fries and kept my eyes on the football game between the Chicago Bears and the Packers. The new is showing the weather for the week happy to see rain at the end of the week.

Sitting at the bar eating watching the games and the news seeing nothing about me missing makes me hopeful this will work. I can leave after I turn eighteen and get a lawyer when I return. Stelling some glances at the questionable bartender only made it that much better. I was used to fans of not only the shows and movies I worked on to come up to me but even at times asked for my hand in marriage. This bartender glanced his way at me but only the way I was used to seeing when Briana in the show was liking the quiet librarian. This bartender is looking at me like another normal girl. Not a start who walked the red carpet at least once a month.

“Enjoyed?” His voice broke my thoughts. I looked at him as he smiled and took my plate away.

“Very much, thank you.”

“Can I get you anything else?”

“Yeah...your name.” I opened my wallet and pulled out a hundred dollar bill.

“I’m Ryder. You?” He put his hand out as I looked at him. I slipped my hand in his and shook it.

“Bri...Briana.” I didn’t say anything more as I walked away and back out to my car. I’ve liked people before. I’ve also been burned by people because of who I am. Ryder...Doesn’t know who I am. Ryder makes my stomach flip just by hi smirk. His hazel eyes glanced at me just as much I glanced at him. I ate a meal and wasn’t recognized. Peyton was more right than I could have ever expected.

This small town can save me from the pain of my past and what could have been my future.

I looked at the small building that had ‘Main Office’ engraved onto the wood in beautiful cursive. I made my way in seeing an elderly man sitting at the desk legs up crossed, glasses on the edge of his nose, and hair white. I watched as he smiled seeing me sitting straight up and putting his book down. “Welcome to Ouray RV Park and Cabins. What can I help you with?”

“Are you the owner?” I asked.

“Yes, Is there something wrong?”

“No, I’m hoping we can help each other.” He pinched his eyes at me. “I want to rent a cabin from you for a couple of months,” I said. “But I need it to be kept quiet. I’ll pay you eight hundred dollars first and last as well as work for you doing whatever you need.” I watched as a look of disbelief sat on his face. “Please, I need this,” I said he stood and crossed his arms.

“How old are you?”

“Eighteen.” I lied. “I just have baby face.”

“I’m old honey, not stupid.” He glanced me up at down. “You’re running.”

“I could be.” I leaned on the counter. “If I tell you, can you help me.”

“I’m supposed to take you to the authorities-”

“You take me to the authorities then I’m forced to go back home to be beaten. I’m safer on my own. As I said, I’ll help here, I’ll pay rent. Just don’t turn me in.” He kept his quiet as he looked at me. "Please." He moved to his computer for a moment typing on the screen before grabbing a set of keys and standing back up.

“I’m Jeremiah if anyone asks, I'm your distant uncle." I smiled at him as he walked around the counter and standing by me. "I'll have conditions."

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