Loved and Lost

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The cabin wasn't much of a cabin. It's a tiny house. A house close to the cabins but he uses it when his family visited. If and when they did come he'd set me up in one of the regular cabins. The bed is on a small loft, the kitchen was small but the fridge was regular sized. There was even a small tv and cable. The Wifi password stuck to the fridge by a magnet of the city name and the hot springs. "You'll pay me eight hundred, work in the office on the weekends, what about school?" I turned back to him with a questioning look. "School, you're still in school right?"

"No, I got my GED last year. I'm a quick learner. I just want to work and save up." He nodded.

"I also get to check in on you every now in then. I only ask for the truth here. Also...I don't want trouble here. Ask me and I'll help you just let me know." I nodded and stuck my hand out. After he put his hand in mine he turned around. "You train Friday!" He yelled out. I let out a laugh as is smile and looked around the house.

A few plants and a few personal touches then it will feel like home. After grabbing my bags from the car I put them inside the tiny home before locking up then hopping back into the car heading back to town. I found a small grocery store and got whatever food I'd need for the week. Before returning back to the tiny house, I found a payphone.

Standing by I slipped he change in and pressed the number I memorized in. I listen to it ring before hearing it stop and the voice I've longed to hear finally speak. "Phoebe!"


"Are you okay, did you make it, how are you?" I leaned on the payphone.

"I'm okay, I made it, and I'm...great. Peyton, this town is amazing. No one can find me here." I said. I took a deep breath realizing just how clean the air felt. "I met a wonderful man who owns some cabins and he's helping me. I'm going to need papers and stuff soon. Peyton, you're going to love this place I promise."

"You sound good. You've been gone a day and you sound really good."

"I know...Peyton, thank you so much. If you didn't make me, help me do this, this wouldn't be happening."

"Good. I can't wait to see you." She listened to her best friend pause. "Alright, Give me that address so I can send you your things," I told her everything. She promised to visit me as soon as she could. When I finished talking to her I ended the call. I looked around the buildings. The food in my car is fine for at least the next little bit so I strolled into a small store with clothes and knacks I saw all kinds of shirts as I walked in even those with the City name and pictures on it.

Once I found a small and dainty snowglobe The city name and picture of the hot springs. I picked it up and continued walking seeing all the things scattered around the walls and racks. Much like the LA savior shops.

"Marcus, are my jeans in?" I looked up at the familiar voice as the door range and shut. I turned to the front desk seeing a man in his early twenties at most. The one walking to the desk was Ryder from the Bar. Marcus shook his hand nodding then disappearing to the back of the shop. I looked back at the rack of shirts then the wall of keychains. "Don't I know you?" I turned again seeing him now only feet away from me. I watched as he half-smiled at me.

"I don't know, I just got to town. You couldn't possibly know me." I said walking over to the counter.

"Will you be staying long?"

"I hope so." The man, Marcus, walked out a thick and stuffed sipping package. Once he notices me he just set it to the side taking my own things to buy. He gave me the total and I handed him a ten. Marcus gave Ryder his package. I said buy the Marcus hoping he'd have a good day and started making my way out of the store and back to my car.

"Hey, Briana." I stopped and turn looking as Ryder walked up to me. "Since you are staying longer, are you free this weekend? I'm not working."

"You're really asking out a girl who just moved to town?" I watched as he thought about what he'd said an was left with a nervous look. I laughed at his face."Dude. I'm kidding." He smiled and relaxed. "What time do you get off Thursday?"

"I won't get off until midnight. But-"

"I don't need anything fancy." I started walking away backward so I was still looking at him, "I'm just...a a simple girl!" I finally turned and continued onto my car. I jumped in the front seat and turned the engine over pulling out of the parking spot into the road smiling to Ryder as I passed him.

The smile on my face stays as I continue down the road. LA is a thing in the past and so far away it seemed almost ancient. Less than twenty-four hours in this small town and my life is turning life. Everything is in my control. I'm not forced to go to auditions, interviews, or training. I'm not forced to walk down a red carpet dress I'm only ever going to wear that once. I'm not lying to reporters and saying that we're one big happy family as my father squeezes my wrist so hard bruises are left and I'm forced to wear jackets or bracelets.

I'm in control.

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