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The Goldfield Country Club

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A Cottonwood Creek Cousins Story: In which Seth helps MaryJane McCord buy five acres from Salvatore Delgado in the Gold Camp District of Colorado. The setting is Goldfield Colorado near Cripple Creek, late 1800's. More about Polowan in my title 'Polowan' on my profile.

Other / Adventure
Bever Branson
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Salvie And Polowan

In May of the late 1800's Polowan crept into a prospector's pack. His sturdy donkey had accepted a carrot and an apple for this favor. Hardly anything was in the pack. The prospector was on his way to a spot seven miles from Cripple Creek, Colorado.

He was prospecting for gold! Yes there was gold in them thar hills and Prospector Pete was going to get some.

On that day Polowan made the acquaintance of a little girl over in a place called Goldfield. The little girl patted Polowan's glossy hair, and they snuggled and shared a cookie. The little girl gazed for hours off towards the Sangre De Cristo mountains far off to the southwest. The 14,000 ft peaks still had snow glistening on their massive peaks.

The sun went down in blazes of evening sky, and they watched Orion make his way across the heavens. Polowan knew that her presence was a help to the stricken little child.

She returned often for the next six years.

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