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This is a short story relative to the current pandemic situation. Ketty, a young boy saves everyone's life.

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In the undiscovered islands of Madagascar lived an extremely destitute family along a roadside ditch. As the islands remained unexplored the indigent family was helpless. . The poor family lived in a tiny hut made up of bamboo sticks and banana leaves held together by stones. The malodorous ditch made their little house foul-smelling. Their atrocious life forced them into grief and there was nothing they could do. The populace was not even the number of people of a huge mansion in a city like Delhi and for these people the world was a wild frontier.

One day a dreadful virus hit the island. While the virus spread rapidly the family was lost in the darkness of the unknowledgeable. They had no idea what was happening and were like a ship in the doldrums. A couch potato, Ketty figured out that there was something wrong with the environment when the well from where he used to collect the water for the day was full of giant snakes instead of water. The snakes were as clear as crystal. Balls as small as cereals glistened through the snakes and made a horrible sound. This meant that there wouldn’t be any water that day. “It depends upon our destiny” were the only words he uttered. It was daytime by the time he returned home. Unexpectedly, when he arrived home he was astonished to see buckets full of water. “Where did the water come from?” uttered Ketty. “Oh! We all collected leftover water from our homes for the day” replied his mother. The whole day passed by with the scarcity of water.

The next day, the family was alarmed with the death of one of their neighbours. All of them ran as fast as growing fire to check on him but time ran faster than them. Sadly, they returned home without meeting their neighbour. After a few days, when more than half of the people were dead Ketty decided to check what was happening. He quickly set off to the well where he saw the crystal clear snakes. Just then some divine spirit rose from the well and said “Helloo my dear child, I would like to tell you that everyone in this vast land is in the eyes of the coronavirus and that is why sooooooo many of your people were killed”. “What is coronavirus?” asked Ketty, “It is a group of viruses that causes numerous diseases in humans and animals” the divine spirit replied. Ketty ran home without saying anything and told his parents what had happened. There was pin drop silence in the house when suddenly some scientists from England arrived. “ We will help you fight this” they said. This gave the family a sort of relief. Together, all of them came out to start the research and the family was exposed to the wild world.

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