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Commodity Option Secrets

By dorathyhansen All Rights Reserved ©


Chapter 1

"Who Else Wants To Put Themselves Through An Exclusive, Top Secret Training Program, Developed By An Ex-Trader From One Of The World's Largest Grain Trading Companies That Can Instantly Transform Your Commodity Option Trades Into Pure Gold, While Minimizing Risks And Losses To The Lowest Possible Level?"If You Answered 'Yes, I Do' To The Above Question, Read On To Find Out How You Can Take Advantage Of This Once In A Lifetime Opportunity...

Since you're reading this page right now, I can be fairly certain that you have a keen interest in futures options trading. Whether you are a beginner aspiring to get started, or someone who has a fair bit of experience in trading... I'm sure you would have noticed one thing when it comes to finding good, reliable sources of information on trading options.

That Most Of The Information You Find Is A Waste Of Time!

I really don't mean to be blunt, but quite frankly I'm tired of watching others get ripped off. As a matter of fact, I was ripped off myself a couple of times before I managed to wade through all the misinformationthere is on this subject.

For example, since I started trading commodity options more than a decade ago, I have (at times out of desperation) purchased option systems and subscribed to newsletters that were WAY overpriced. To make things worse, these "systems" lacked a unique trading style and were simply rehashing common information... over and over again!

At one point in time, I spent $250 a month on a newsletter that taught me how to spot 90% winners based on probability alone. It's not a bad strategy. In fact probability trading in the options market is a great strategy, if done correctly, but the problem is you didn't need his service.

You can look at the Delta of an option to figure out the probability of the trade. Too high a monthly charge and too simple a strategy.

As a result of my ignorance,

I Was Paying Through My Nose
... For Something I Could Have Easily Done Myself!

Currently there are option newsletters on the Internet priced at $100 - $200 per month with the same old Delta Neutral, Credit Spread type of trading.

You probably are facing the same problem. Too many people trying to offer you their advice, and trying to get you to pay for their advice... But who should you trust?

Frankly, I'm not in a position to tell you how to spend your money, but may I suggest that you heed the words of someone who has been there, done that...

Do Not Spend Money On Another System Or Course
Until You Have Finished Reading This Page

... And gotten MY message. It would at the very least save you some time and trouble.

Good, now that you and I have at least reached a common understanding, let's take a look at what I did when I first started trading commodity options more than a decade ago...

Back then, I was quite desperate for information (and for the money to be made) that I subscribed toexpensive newsletters... sometimes at a couple of hundred dollars a month, as you read earlier. I also delved and spent considerable amount of time in all sorts of fancy "systems" that were frankly, nothing more than rehashed, commonly available strategiesthat have been packaged to sound good.

Very often, these "systems" (or models as they call it) are too simplisticand one dimensional for use in the real world.

Despite all the setbacks and proverbial 'punches to my nose' I was dealt with, I still consider it...

The Best Lesson I've Ever Received In Options Trading!

Quite simply because it taught me not to place too much trust in 'one system' or 'one method'.

For many years, I entered the Futures orders for one of the largest grain trading companies in the world.

What you are going to learn will be my complete, trail blazing strategies developed over thousands of hours of endless experimentation, and meticulous study.

These have been my "pet secrets" for many years so if you are interested in trading futures options like an old timer, take the next few minutes and read what I have to say very carefully.

What eventually emerged was an...

Idiot Proof System That Can Instantly Benefit ANY Trader,
Regardless Of Trading Style!

It can be used with any option market, including stock options!

You must be curious to know what this system of mine entails so let's get right down to the juicy details...

My main focus is on 2 trades. The First Trade is something known as ascale trading technique that will (for the lack of any good descriptive words) blow you away once you learn the details of it. Top and leading commercial firms (which I'm not allowed to name here) have been using this same technique to trade the Futures market for years... and now you, the small time trader can do the same.

You see, one of the most important skills you can ever hone is...

Learning To Trade While NOT Caring
About Market Direction!

For a fact,most people are dead worried about market directions. They're worried that if the markets go down, they lose money. Or if the market goes up they lose money!

Believe it or not, my boss didn't care if the market fell after if he bought millions of bushels of soybeans.

He Would Almost Certainly Keep Buying More!

Why? Because he knew that the price could never go lower than ZERO. This is how all the commercials trade, but what you may not know is that thesmall trader can do the same with options!

The beauty of trading commodity options combined with my signature strategy will allow youto establish a market position without having to worry about market direction ever again. In fact, if done right, you don't have to worry about time decay either.

If you're not convinced that what I'm suggesting really works, think about this for a moment.

Casinos impose betting limits for almost every single game. That's because if you keep playing while raising your bet, you will never lose.

My Second Trade is called a Delta Neutral Calendar Spread. You might have heard of "delta neutral", or even calendar spreads in general... but what I teach is nothing close to anything you have learned before.

Price per day (theta trade) is the traditional credit spread with a revolutionary twist!

This second trade will instantly debunk common misconceptions and teach you some pretty coveted skills like:

How to trade (and profit from) option spreads with a mere couple hundreds of dollars, instead of tens of thousands of dollars others think they need

How you CAN buy 'out of the money' options and still turn them into the best bargains

How you CAN cash in on options with little time value by learning how to calculate the risk to reward ratio

And finally, if you wish to turn futures options trading into a serious hobby or lucrative pastime, make sure you learn...

One Thing That Separates WannabesFrom The Pros!

It is the secret of time decay, or the theta...

Most people KNOW about time decay, but do not track the theta value of their options.

Look, If you trade Delta Neutral right now, or any type of option trading, you must check the Theta.

You may not know this, but experts use this knowledge to their own trading advantage.

I will teach you exactly how to do so in my "Option Secrets" package, with examples straight from my years of experience.

Could this Blockbuster Package be your missing link to trading Futures options the right way?

Since this offer is new and I haven't done much work to it (apart from telling you my story), I got some good news for you.

First, I'm still in my 'testing stages' of launching this website. As a result, you'll not have to pay the thousands of dollars I could charge for my information.

Not even hundreds of dollars.

Not even one hundred bucks.

All I ask from you is a symbolic token of $87. Why am I charging such a too-good-to-be-true admission price?

Here's why:-

ONE: I want you to demonstrate your commitment to using my secrets and strategies for your own good. After all, I spent a decade developing these secrets, and I want you to treasure them for what they're worth.

TWO: It keeps the 'freebie seekers' and 'tire kickers' out of the way. Very often, free stuff on the Internet is hardly the good stuff. Just take a look at porn.

THREE: I want you to really learn about options with this stuff. Take my strategies and paper-trade with them first. Prove to yourself they *really* do work.

In return, here's the million dollar Futures Options education you'll receive in the form of...

A Secret Manual Filled To The Brim
With Techniques

[img height="190" src="" width="190" border="0">

underground training manual is the first phase of my training program. Learn all about:

Option Ratio Backspreads - Which months, near or far, are better when putting on ratio backspreads and why. (This is THE option trade to use for profiting from market movement such as when swing trading � but with less risk than with straight futures)

How to look at different months' options and know which of those months have thebest-priced options to buy or sell.

How to think "outside the box" when looking for scale trading opportunities and reap the rewards of it.

Why the theta technique is crucial, whether you want to put on a spread trade or just buy or sell options.

Other ways to trade price per day (theta) spread, instead of simply using the calendar spread to trade it.

2 Powerful Software Programs To
Instantly Increase Your Productivity

[img height="135" src="" width="185" border="0">

Also included in the package are 2 software programs for calculating theprobability of a market closing above / below a certain price and for calculating the cost per day of an option. Just punch in the numbers and you're on your way. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to make these programs work for you. They're the perfect time-saver that will help you get better at working smart.

Since I got them specially developed for my own needs.. they're not available anywhere else. How much will it cost if you were to pay peoplejust to write these 2 pieces of software for you?

And Another Secret Manual That Answers
Most Of Your Questions About Options Trading...

If you're like me when I started trading, you'll have some of the most pressing questions at the back of your head... but with no one to turn to. This second companion manual you'll receive (on top of the first one) answers most of the burning questions people have, such as:

When is the ideal time to sell puts and calls?
How do I buy and sell Options using directional strategies? When do I know whether an option is too expensive?What are the best timing conditions to enter a delta positive or negative position?
When should I buy more time value and when to use front month contracts?Tips on selecting a broker and things to look out for.

And These 4 Special Reports That Don't Fit
In Elsewhere...

While we're at it, I've also thrown in these 4 special reports that will provide you with some valuable, real-world information you can put to use immediately.

REPORT #1: Best Way to spot the Price Per Day Trades (And get an Immediate Advantage) - I show you in detail how to do so with actual quotes and figures.

REPORT #2: Why sometimes it is a good thing when your sold option is exercised - Lean one way to turn a limited risk trade with limited gain into one that has unlimited gain. Don't ever fear your options being exercised!

REPORT #3: Ways to Exit a Trade - Method to exit a trade, while at the same time turn it into an advantage.

REPORT #4: Rejected Trade - Why I chose not to enter a trade, and the KEY advantage it was missing.

Finally, Audio & Video Files That Will Complete Your Transformation Into A Confident Trader!

The final component of my training program is truly what makes the whole thing shine. You'll receive a series of audio MP3 files where I personally walk you through topicson options trading such as: calendar spreads, liquidity, margin and delta neutral trades.

Apart from the fact that hearing something over and over again actuallyreinforces what you've learnt in print... hearing my voice gives you a chance to know that I'm a REAL person who knows what I'm talking about, not just someone hiding behind a screen name.

You'll also receive a 90 minute video (viewable from the comfort of your own home, on your own computer) where I'll take you by hand anddemonstrate to you several crucial aspects of options trading.

From the very basic right up to advanced subjects such as delta neutral adjustments, scale trading and ratio backspreads.

Here's an actual screenshot taken from the video program (90 minutes):

[img height="238" src="" width="400" border="0">

Let's Take A Look At What Your One Time,
Admission Fee Of $87 Will Get You...

Options Secrets Trading Manual$972 Software Programs$47Options Secrets Questions & Answers Booklet$374 Special Reports$17 eachAudio Clips$1990 Minutes Video OnMore Options Trading Techniques$147Total Real Value Of Education You're Receiving...$415Price You're Paying Today...$87

That's a total cost savings of $328 just by reserving your package right now. But that's not all, remember at the start of this letter you promised to...

Click Here to Order Now
[img alt="paymentoptions" src="" >

Not Buy Another System Or Course
Until You Have Finished Reading This Page?

Well, I want to literally convince you that this is quite possibly, the best investment you can make in yourself this coming year. That's why I'm making your choice today a non-decision by being prepared to...

Give All My Secrets Away For FREE!

That's right --- I so badly want YOU to help yourself make money from options trading that here's what I want you to do: Go ahead, pay the measly $87 I'm asking from you and start receiving the best education on options trading in your life.

Next, use your newfound knowledge to do some paper-trading. Prove to yourself that my strategies really do work.

If within 60 days (that's a whole 2 months), you're not convinced that the $87 was the best money you've ever spent... and you're not convinced that this investment of $87 will make you boundless returns in the months and years to come,

Order Your Option Secrets Package Now

Just Email Me And I'll Return Your $87
--- No Questions Asked!

You know, that's how much I'm committed to your trading success.

Remember - You can be receiving all that education I spent years on thetrading desk trying to hone for yourself, from the comfort of your own home... starting the very next moment. I don't want you to have any hard feelings or regrets about this choice you're making right now... so I'm prepared to stand by my guarantee if things do not work out for you.

If you're a sane investor, you're probably going to spend much more than what I'm asking this year investing in yourself... so be sure to reserve your package while it's still available.

Click Here to Order Now - Only $87

Here's to your trading success,
David Rivera

All the products will be available immediately for download.

This is a limited time offer ONLY!! To take advantage of this tremendous offer while it lasts, click here to order today!

P.S - The price of $87 is confirmed as of today only. While the package could keep getting bigger and better, I can make absolutely no guarantees about the price. Reserve your Option Secrets Course today. My symbolic asking price of $87 may double or triple in the following weeks to come.

P.P.S - When you make the risk-free choice to reserve your package right now and start receiving all this education, you're not only getting a fantastic deal. In fact, you'll continue to gain lifetime access where you can keep downloading any new additions to this wonderful program... for free!

Click here to place your order now!

(c) 2013 Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. No Futures or Commodity trading system can guarantee profits. The risk of loss exists in Futures trading.
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