Jennie Flores and the Secret Dimensions

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This story is about a group kids, Jennie as the main leader. Her life was normal until she moved into a strange place called Crackleberry. Her school was HUGE. She was nervous if she would ever make friends. Then, one day, she discovered something crazy. The painting in the school basement was actually a secret portal to another dimension! Anyone who goes through there will be forgotten...but Jennie was able to see Emma, a strange classmate go through it. Jennie is determined to find out who she really is...and save the world at the same time.

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Jennie looked at the big building in front of her.

She was shaking from head to toe, and her palms were sweating like crazy.

She tried to calm herself, but it didn’t help.

Who would she sit next to at lunch? Would her teacher’s be nice? Who would want to be her friend?

Yes, Jennie Flores, was, in fact, going to Middle School.

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