My last Letter

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The suicide note of a boys cry for help.

Tessa Trevino
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Part 1

I remember when i was little. Nothing mattered. It was all careless fun. So how'd I get here? If your reading this, Its far to late. But please. Hear my story.

I remember the day clearly. The day i realized the worlds faults. Sitting in the sand box, pushing around little trucks. My long hair fell past my waist at the time. I was only Seven. Innocent.

But then that girl came. She wore a frilly dress and sandals. Her black hair tied up into pigtails. I was in a plain summer dress.

"Trucks are for boys."

I had already heard those words. My parents always said that. Luckily, my best friend, Hayden, had always let me borrow his. I just shrugged.

"You're a girl. Come, let me do your hair! Thats what girls are supposed to do."

She took my hand as we walked to a bench. She had me sit down as she braided my long ginger locks into space buns.

I glanced at my parents, hoping they would call me over. But no. They were talking to the girls parents.

When she finished my hair, we walked over. My parents were ecstatic. I had never did anything remotly girly by choice.

On the drive home they said "That girl seems nice, Kami. We are glad you finally are being lead in the right direction." I stayed silent.

At home i looked in the mirror, tearing my hair down from the style, tearing off the dress and discarding it on the floor. I put on some shorts, a t-shirt and went to bed.

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