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A cure cannot be found without sacrifices being made. Even if it is against her own will.

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Chapter 1

How foolish it is to think that having a vast wealth stored in a bank account entitles to rules that surpass those that dictate people who must live off the crumbs that fall from those tables. They all thought they were immortal since it hadn't reached beyond those ivory walls they'd built to segregate the slums from their pristine walks and fancy houses. Where the woman would walk around in clusters donning the most expensive of jewellery. There obnoxious twittering filling the air acting as if they didn't have much to care about the world.

Equally snobbish men strolled down the same path, tailcoats swishing in the wind. Whilst children wearing the latest expensive designer clothes were perched on top of a slave, clutching a chain that was attached to a collar around the slave's neck. They dared not to look up ashamed to have to be reduced to an animal of burden. Crawling down the cobblestone pathways past beautiful gardens and shops a slave could ever fantasize about entering.The ones who governed the land who made promises to our state of living by providing the basic commodities they'd denied us for so long were the same who built the wall.

The same sickening politicians who would be willing to turn a blind eye on the mistreatment of others. So long as they could get a few generous donations. She wasn't a fool, no matter how much her friends told her they should respect authority. Not as long as they continued to wag their tails eagerly to their masters.

"Excuse me miss"

She looked up from the linoleum floor. Standing in front of her dressed in wrinkle-free blue scrubs a surgical mask tied around her mouth was a nurse. Her dark brown hair tied in a messy bun clutching tightly to her test a silver device she'd never seen before.

"What" she answered rudely. Already she begin to see the loathsome disgust mixed in with a small amount of fear. Given the fact that she was in one of their fancy hospitals this was uncommon sight for her. Even the servants who worked on the other side of the wall never got taken here.

"The doctor's ready to see you now" she replied simply "if you may" she extended the device towards this "we'll need you to sign this"

She studied the device for a second but it could've been for hours it wouldn't have made much of a difference. From the moment she'd stepped into the hospital she'd already resigned to her fate. The disease was really more of an accidental mishap on some scientists who were attempting to develop a new biological weapon using some new plant they had discovered in an unexplored forested area. An area long since deemed uninhabitable because of the toxins and radiation levels made it impossible for anything to survive. Or so everyone had learned to believe. Despite many warnings not to go in, the scientist leading the investigation still chose to do so bringing back their new discoveries after spending no more than a few hours there. Some natives who stayed near the border of the forest warned them they were going to regret taking out anything from that place. To no avail, in a cruel sense of irony they were the first die from the new gene found in the plant. When the disease began to spread no one really took it as serious since the institute for science and technology was located far away from where the richest people lived. Not wanting to alarm the government tried to reassure those folks that the disease was not a cause of concern. For a while they bought into it. What did they have to fear? After all if it go too dangerous simply move to another area until you'd have to move again once the place became unsafe.

Day by day the death count rose. Spreading into other areas with no news of a cure yet. Hospitals becoming crowded with people being rushed in every other part of the day. Panic began to spread across the country, fearing for their own safety the rich folk began to close themselves in their houses. Sending their servants back to the slums fearing they might be contaminated. Eventually things came to standstill the once lush flowers that grew along the roads withered and died, streets abandoned. The beauty and allure the rich were once proud of a long distant memory. It didn't matter where one chose to hide the disease would find them. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months with people dropping like dead leaves in autumn.

With no hope in sight, many begun to believe the world was coming to an end.

The nurse placed her hand against scanner then the door slid open quietly "Right through this door"

She nodded and stepped, her rubber soles squeaking against the varnished wood. The office was modestly furnished for a doctor who worked for some extremely wealthy clients. She slid into the pre-offered chair and looked at the man opposite her.

"So I take it you know what you have been brought here for" he would've been a handsome even friendly man if it weren't for the empty eyes of a man who had long since given up hope.

She nodded "But you know what I want in return".

Earlier on this year they had sent out a request for healthy people to run test on. Things were becoming desperate if they were willing to ask for anyone promising a substantial amount of money for those who volunteered themselves. There was one catch though.

The edges of his eyes crinkled "Of course" he slid out of his chair and walked towards where she was seated.

"They appreciate what you are doing for them and I'm sure your brother's chances of survival will increase" he remarked pushing the door open for her to walk out first.

Icy chills rippled through her body, strange considering how warm the halls were. The doctor stopped in front of a door like the nurse he pressed his hand against a scanner on the side then the door opened. Her lungs shrivelled into tiny husks refusing to work. No, she didn't want to do this if she wanted she could-she could...

Escape? It wasn't fair dammit, why did she have to do this. Surely they could another one hundred percent healthy person who could do this. This was scary-too terrifying. She began to hear faint sobbing that sounded familiar only to realise it was her own. A warm hand suddenly settled onto her back and begun to rub soothing circles around her back.

"Please I don't wanna do this" she whispered "don't let me go in there it's scary"

"Any last wishes kid" the doctor asked softly.

She wanted to say her freedom but what came out instead was a choked sob instead.

"What about I walk you in kid" the doctor suggested wrapping his arm around hers. Limp like a rag doll like an executioner led her to the metallic chair. The fight returned in one short lived burst of strength as she twisted and writhed in the chair. Biting like a wild animal as they attached the syringes being plunged into her arms, screaming and hissing foul curses. The moment the sedatives began to take effect she slumped into the chair. The men who were meant to carry out the experiments descended on her like buzzards on a fresh cadaver.

They said the chances of surviving these experiments were less than one percent the doctor remembered reading on one of the initial drafts of the contract. Her name wouldn't go down as saviour of mankind. Just simply another nameless corpse who aided in the research. He dragged his feet back to his office and slumped into his chair to move onto his next.

She was just another corpse.

Another corpse. . . . Wasn't she?

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