Empty Hearts and Cold Hands

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A collection of short stories and poems that come straight from the soul.

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Ayven J.
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Shades of Blue

Sometimes the world fades out, and I fade in, and time doesn’t really do much but stand still. It usually happens during my trips to the ocean, when I lay floating on my back in the water. Silence. That’s all there ever is, so much silence that my mind can’t shut up. I guess that’s why people say sometimes silence is violent. The waves push and pull and above, seagulls fly, crying.

The blue always calls to me. The deep blue. Far out in the middle of the endless sea. Down, down, down. Sometimes my mind almost listens, kind of like a ship sinking in the middle of a storm. It’d be kind of nice to give in to the blue, wouldn’t it? To disappear into the dark saltiness of the water, and to never be heard from again? Kind of like an iceberg, drifting off to nowhere.

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