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it is about myself how i feel about myself

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Chapter 1

Start writing hey people this i am Piya i am an overthinker like most of us and this pandemic has made me think way beyond my mind can handle now even my mind wants to abandon me and go but i wont breakup with it not letting it go ever ;) i don't share anything with anyone its very difficult for me to really speak out what i am thinking most of the time due to which most of the things which aren't even a problem becomes problem i am sure i am not the only one to go through all this many of us have this issue in life where we aren't able to express ourselves

i run away when someone talks about an exam i have to appear for or an exam i have already appeared in and awaiting the result or even from a general conversation about my future or even about someone else”s career no i am not weal in studies you would be surprised to know that i am rather a very studious person and have always performed well in studies 95 above mostly but even that i feel something too weird and just run away from places where they talk about padhai :> its something too strange i know just wanted to know if there is someone else as weird as me ;)

lots of love lots of peace to everyone reading this its the first tym ever i have written something and posted please ignore all the mistakes

ps : i am not a professional writer just wanted to share my fellings and vent out my heart here…

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