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A story based on Arshi. A story that will show women power. Even if its anjali or nani or Khushi herself. They will show what a "Maturity" means. It is completely my imagination and if by any chance any story matches then its purely coincident.

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This story revolves around a girl who was abandoned by her family stating her as a characterless girl. Later she worked day and night so that she could achieve success as well as power so that no one could dare to point towards her character. She is known as the most ruthless, arrogant, and straightforward person in her business field. She is actually CA but after some circumstances, she entered into the business field and from then she is known as the most ruthless woman in the business field. She doesn’t have any differentiation between personal life and professional life. It is simply because she doesn’t have a personal life. So for her, day and night all are the same for work.

One day she went to a business meeting with her competitive firm. The Boss i.e CEO of that firm was the same as the “Male version” of this girl. Same ruthless arrogant and straightforward businessman.

Coincidentally that day turns out to be 14th February 2020. As they both were always engrossed in their work, they didn’t think it is necessary to check the date. What all they know is if their deal got successful then there will be a huge profit to both the companies and it will be a turning point in the business filed.

Little did they knew that their personal life is also going to be changed drastically along with the business world.

As they reached the venue for conducting the meeting, they saw various couples seating around that big cafeteria, dressed in all shades of red color. And doing “Gulu Gulu” here and there. Soon they both started their meeting and get engrossed in their work. Suddenly there was some announcement and couples seated there started running here and there in order to save themselves. Before our lead couple could register anything, they got married and declared as “Husband and Wife”.

So, this was a simple prologue. Plz, tell me whether to continue it or not.

It's purely my imagination and if any story matches then it’s a pure coincidence.

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