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tale of a puurfect friend

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Littleboy has a short, soft gray coat with a blue tint when the sun hits it just right. He has a snow-white spot on his throat and stomach, small ears, and curved tail. His personality is leave me alone to everyone except me; he is all over me when I’m around him. He loves on me when I’m sad, mad, happy, crying, or asleep on the trampoline. He is my friend.

One day I was on the back porch, he came up and rubbed up against my legs meowing like I need some attention-rub on me. I rubbed on him as we talked. I know it sounds crazy, we don’t really talk but sometimes I feel like he understands what I am saying. We have conversations all the time. I always feel better after talking to him.

One warm afternoon, I was on the trampoline reading a book and the next thing I know I feel him slowing walking toward me on the trampoline. He climbs up on my back, turns around two times to get comfortable, kneads my back, lies down and closes his eyes. Littleboy fell asleep on my back; I continued reading on my book. It doesn’t matter what we do as long as we spend time together.

I have to look out for him and protect him from the neighborhood dogs. One afternoon, a big yellow German shepherd, Lucy came in my yard and tried to bite Littleboy. I picked up Littleboy and put him in the back of the truck. The dog doesn’t like cats but I knew the dog and his owner so I chased the dog away. I gave Littleboy a hug and a kiss to let him know he was safe. He nudged my face as he purred thanks!

People say that he is just a cat, but Littleboy is my friend. He has been there with me through good times and bad times. He keeps me secrets and spends time with me. He is never picky about what we do together, he is the purrfect friend.

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