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Humanity has excelled at making life on Earth as miserable as possible, all while chasing their own frivolous creations. Time and time again, they face the consequences of their actions. History repeats itself, and they learn nothing from it. Worst of all, they live in delusion. In their ignorance, humans continue to breed, unaware of the conditions their offspring will be subject to. This generation must do whatever they can to create a better world – a better future for the next. Otherwise, they will create the perfect conditions for tyrants to rise to power, and they will far surpass the tyrants of yesterday in their cruelty.

Christion Thompson
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As day became night and the air cooled even further, new life had been brought into the world. In a hospital, doctors and nurses surrounded a woman in a bed, awestruck and relieved. The woman had just given birth. It was a monumental task that she almost paid for with her life.

Each of the nurses, and each of the doctors, took the newborn and held him. They had to be gentle, as the newborn was heavier than most. Eventually, they gave him back to his mother, but not before the last doctor that held him looked directly into his eyes, which were now open. The last doctor told the newborn, “You are going to do great things.”

The woman smiled tearfully, unaware of the turmoil that she and the newborn were about to endure. She would have to take care of him. She would have to feed him, bathe him, and clothe him. Most important of all, she would have to love him.

A year after her child’s birth, the woman moved back to her hometown on the gulf coast. She felt trapped in the desert, and on top that, her husband’s mental health was rapidly deteriorating. She feared for her safety and even more for her child’s safety. She grew weary of dealing with her partner’s increasingly frequent outbursts.

The woman felt that going back home was the best decision for her and her new child. She swore to do whatever she could to make him happy and comfortable, even if she had nothing more than the clothes on her back. However, going back home would prove to be a grave mistake. The two would be subject to all the problems that plagued humanity – poverty, crime, racism and violence. The woman, by going back home, would (although inadvertently) create the perfect conditions for a great tyrant to rise.

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