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I am a researcher, I research on the mystical and supernatural side of the internet. This is non fiction, and I want to share to many people as possible my findings, and information about a certain community I lurk in. If you are interested in this side of mystery, I recommend to check this book out. The pleasure is yours.

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Research #1 Mythicals

What are Mythicals?

Mythicals, as we call ourselves,

are people who found themselves different from society.

Somewhat like a therian or otherkin,

but we have a goal.

A goal that some of you might find impossible.

Powers and Shapeshifting

Yeah, now some reading this might say;

"Oh this person is crazy!"

"What?! That's impossible!"

Now stop being pessimistic, 'kay?

Some are successful, some are not,

when a Mythical tries to gain powers and etc. , it will depend on their belief and determination.

Unfortunately, it's dangerous for some to show proof of us using it if successful.

And the proof that we cannot show has a possibility of backlash and other stuff.

That's why it's better for some to keep quiet when they have their powers.

Most of it depends on the choice of the User to show proof.

That goes with our physical results too.


Of course with the hate or sarcasm of other people, trolls go in the community too.

Many mythicals made a journal on a certain platform of their choice.

Like: Wattpad and etc.

Some are actually true while some are an obvious lie.

Some "fake" journals are like:


"HeEeeeeLp, the gOveRNmeNt WaNtS to test Me!!"

Like yeah, in conclusion Awtok doesn't exist and if the government wants to test you, WITHOUT anyone KNOWING, you would've died and never updated again.

But we never know,

that's why trust is hard in the online mythical community.

Types of Mythicals

There are many types of Mythicals.


Shifters- A type of Mythical that shapeshifts into their true "self" whether it would be a "Mythical" creature or an animal.

Superhuman- A Mythical who would use powers from the movies, etc.

e.g. superstrength or telekinesis.

(hasn't been confirmed official)

Elementals- A Mythical who uses powers connected to their certain element. LikeWater, Moon, Earth, etc.

Magical boys/girls-

(yes, they exist.) A Mythical who transforms into a magical girl/boy and chooses whether to serve good or evil. Well you never know if they want to be a villain themselves right?

There are many more but I don't really know them all.

Some choose to train solo, with a group,

or with friends.

I am a solo kind of Mythical and I only share my knowledge with an online research book.

More will be covered on later chapters.

Au revoir.

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