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Welcome to the AESTHETICS AWARDS 2020. Every participant and judges are appreciated here and it's an honor for me to host this award. The main motto of this award is to bring forward all the special yet underrated books into the limelight. I have dived into the Inkitt community and there haven't been many awards. In fact, there is none, except for the original one hosted by Inkitt itself. So, I felt this as a vital need to bring forward all those special books. Hope I will be helpful enough. For further queries, you can post a message on my wall. Thanks, Lola.

Lola Murphy
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Rules (Participants)


Now now now. I know rules suck, but sometimes to get something great, you have to follow rules. Password will be provided in between the rules just to make sure that you have read them thoroughly. No applicants are allowed without a password. So, without further ado, let's get started.

1. Give a permanent follow to this account. Your account will be checked frequently and hence refraining from doing so will lead to disqualification.

2. Add this book to your reading list. This is just so you don't miss any important updates. (Password: your favorite tv/book series)

3. Be patient and kind to everyone. A community only works in a healthy way when its people are cooperative.

4. Give a shoutout to this book on your message board. This is just to alert other members about this award and spreading concern.

5. No bribing to the judges. Any information about such an act and the participant will be immediately disqualified.

6. There will be three batches. Each batch will have separate contestants and results. So, if you do not get your entry in the first batch, there's nothing to worry about because you can reapply in the second batch and so on.

7. Each participant is allowed to submit only two books but each from different genres.

8. Winning books are not allowed for re-application in the next batch. However, the author can participate by entering other books. But if your book didn't get any prize or wasn't selected in the first batch then you can re-apply.

Note: Books are only not selected for applicants when a batch is full.

9. You are to follow your assigned judges. They are taking time to estimate and judge your book, so the least you could do is follow them to appreciate their efforts. You don't need to follow every judge, but you must follow the judge assigned to your genre.

10. LGBT and Mature books are allowed.

11. Books should have reviews numbered less than 50. Remember, the whole point of this award is just to bring forward the best but underrated books.

12. You cannot change your username or the book title after your entry is accepted. We cannot go searching for you. So, if you do change it, don't forget to inform me on my wall.

And that's it!

For further queries, message me on my wall.



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