sounds of the city - short stories from a hopeless beginner

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A small collection of interesting prompts that I found and wrote about. My style is still developing and there is no hope for consistency but I hope you enjoy anyways.

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sounds of the city

An assortment of noises fill the heavy air. Angry horns blast through the streets. The occasional siren passes through, but nothing shifts, nobody cares. Busy people bustle by, minding their business as if nothing else matters. Pipes and mechanics hiss and sigh at whatever passes. Pests scurry over every surface, oblivious to every possibility. Birds swoop and caw in any place they can. Sounds that would be concerning anywhere else are ignored almost entirely.

All of it works in a special harmony, a harmony that replaces the feeling of being lost. The city is an echoing void of missed opportunities. The noise is just a by-product of a task being completed, and another task being started. It’s all about getting somewhere or doing something.

The moment something notices the lonely sounds of the city, everything that once made sense no longer does.

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