Your Guide to the Perfect 'Royal 15'

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What to Wear

A dress is a must-have for your Royal 15. You are royalty, show it! This dress doesn't have to be something you went out and spent thousands of dollars on. As long as it is a nice-looking dress, it's suitable for your Royal 15. Usually, Royal 15 dresses are to-the-floor dresses, so check your local thrift store. Many girls donate their dresses after prom, and they're usually in very good condition, maybe worn just a few times.

Must-have accessories include necklaces, earrings, and most importantly, a tiara. Your jewelry shouldn't be super colorful unless that's the theme you're going for! Silver and gold (not really silver/gold, just the color) are the best colors you can choose for your jewelry. You probably wouldn't see a young woman walking down the street with a colorful beaded necklace and a neon green bracelet. Your tiara should be made of silver/gold metal. You can find these at many bridal stores, Amazon, and more!

Wear flats to the party and do not wear high heels to your Royal 15. This is especially important because at the beginning of the party, you will take off your flats and you will be given a nice pair of high heels. We'll get more into detail later on in the book.

The last thing you'll need is a sash! This is to show everyone that today's your day. Your sash should say something like, "Birthday Girl," "Royal 15," your name, etc. You can create your own sash, but it is much better to order a sash online or buy one in a store. If you want to customize your sash, you can find certain websites that will allow you to put your own design on a sash. There is no specific color, size, or font that should be included on your sash. It should represent your personality and interests.

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